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  1. I would like to let everyone know what I plan on learning/practicing for vocals. I'll also tell you which ones people told me they know/will learn. any NANA songs ~ Got someone! Moon on the water, Face, Follow me, Slip out from the BECK anime. Got someone for Moon on the water! The Real Folk Blues because a lot of you seem to know it, and I've been wanting to learn it. Got someone! Annnd Duvet. Got someone! Stay Away by L'arc~en~ciel Don't got someone Anyone?? Or wait, I think someone said they would... Haruka Kanata ~ from Naruto Don't got someone! Last Dinosaur ~ the pillows
  2. Heheh, I was wondering if there were any Baltimore locals going to Otakon that like to party after the con, but would have the convenience of a place to hang rather than a hotel room. ^^ Anyone? I'm from NY but I don't know anyone in Baltimore, so.
  3. I'm a vocalist! I actually have a band that played at Manganext but back then I was awful, but I've improved a lot since then. I love Jrock, and I love songs from Nana - my band has already covered Stay Away - laruku, Rewrite, Face (From Beck Anime), Haruka Kanata, Rose (from NANA), Glamorous sky (from NANA), Last dinosaur.. Hm, and others, I dunno. I see that a few vocalists have collected but I'd still like to give it a shot! Where we meeting and when exactly? Trade cell numbers? my email is suushi@gmail.com you can reach me there for info 8D
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