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  1. Occasionally I see a Shishio from Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin , so that is pretty rare, but I think I'm the only person I've known who went as one of Juppongatana - last year I was Yūkyūzan Anji, the fallen monk who teaches Sanosuke the Futae no Kiwami (punch that makes things explode!). I see at least a Kenshin each year, and one or two Sanosuke's as well, so going by that, I suppose that, for being so popular, cosplays from the anime are fairly rare. I don't think I've ever seen any of the female characters at all. This year it's a slightly more common character - Ginko from Mushishi.
  2. I am hoping to take my Otakon participation beyond just cosplay this year and I wanted to know what the deadlines for the various forms of participation are. When would AMVs need to be submitted for consideration in the AMV contest? When would I need to notify intent to participate in Masquerade/Talent Show? When would I need to notify intent to participate as an Artist? When would I need to indicate my availability to be a volunteer/go-fer? If this information is available through the website, I wasn't able to locate it (and regarding the website, it doesn't work well with Chr
  3. I am going as my first villain this year (although he's almost not a bad guy in the end): Anji the monk from Rurouni Kenshin - Legend of Kyoto.
  4. I try to make it myself, but three years ago I had my mother in-law help me make some of my costume - I just couldn't get the hakama right... This year? It's all coming together, but stitcher's wrist!
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