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  1. The father series of JRPs is releasing their next major game in the US after the long holiday weekend. Who's ready?
  2. Zoma

    How was your hotel?

    I put flat papers above a flat layer of things in my closed center console at.l the Marquis. I checked it when the valet brought the car... and it'd been rooted thru. A 50 mile drive didn't shift it... but parking mixed everything wildly? Really? Sticky fingered valets found nothing to take at least.
  3. Zoma

    VIP Meet and Greet for Nobuo Uematsu

    I had a facebook conversation with Staffer Ethan Kick during an AMA, and he clarified some of the VIP Meet and greet stuff. Here's our convo word for word. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me: Can you clear up exactly what a Friday and/or Sunday VIP for Nobuo Uematsu should expect at the meet and greet? Ethan Kick: Hey Steve, Sure! So the VIP pass gives you guaranteed seating at the respective concert. In addition, the meet and greet will be in the prefunction space just across from the ballrooms (main events and featured programming.) The M&G itself includes an one personal autograph, photo, and one autograph for Distant Worlds Merchandise. I hope that clears it up . Let me know if I can answer anything else. Me: Almost clears it up! What qualifies as a personal autograph and is the photo being taken by a staffer and emailed/printed, or do we bring a camera? Ethan Kick: Gotcha! So the personal autograph is like if you wanted a copy of FF6 or Lost Odyssey, poster, or maybe figurine/statue signed. The photos are taken there on your phone or camera and you can check to see if you like them then and there same as the other autographs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no clue how long the session will go for, or about room clears. Hopefully someone can chime in and answer the rest for you. I'll also be at the Sunday VIP Meet.