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  1. The plan with the gofer shirts was to do something more like the shirts on Threadless - something more design-oriented that would have people wondering where you got that shirt, versus something that just advertised that you were an Otakon Gofer/TCG. I guess some of us have enough Otakon-branded clothing that we thought people would appreciate something clever. It was discussed whether or not to include a reference to Otakon/TCG/Gofer that worked with the overall design of the shirt, but in the end a quick decision had to be made to make sure the shirts were made in time for the convention.
  2. Send me an e-mail at jduarte@otakon.org. You will need to send a money order or check to our Treasurer to cover the shipping costs (we usually just use a flat rate Priority envelope) and then I'll send your photo to you.
  3. Hiroko and Hiroshi (our mascots) look confused on the program book cover because they were supposed to go back to State College, PA in 1994 (the year of the first Otakon) and they ended up in prehistory. I don't think you'd be happy either. A lot of the artwork for this year centered around a theme of time travel in appreciation of our 15th year. The schedule is usually included in the pocket guide, but this year as the result of last-minute scheduling changes, it was decided to only include the schedule as part of the errata sheet so that people weren't confused. The pocket guide has
  4. I just wanted to let all the cosplayers know about the Otakon Photosuite for 2008. For those of you who don't know about the photosuite, it's a place at Otakon where you can get a professional studio picture of you in costume taken, and you can submit your image to the Otakorp archives for inclusion in future publications (for free) or you can buy 4x6 or 8x10 prints of your favorite pictures to take home with you. This year we've moved from the 4th flr VIP east room all the way across the convention to rooms 304 & 305, just up the escalator from Charles Street Lobby and across the hallwa
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