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  1. Heyyy...look, the topic is still around. xD Well, to update my last post about the little soy bean things...I went to Epcot a few weeks ago and actually found one of those Japanese keychains that simulate bubble wrap...you cannot imagine my fangirlish squee when I saw that thing on the shelves. xD So in part, my desire has been fulfilled...now all I need is that freakin' Ouran game Japan is keeping to themselves to be released over here and all shall be well...
  2. ...I wanna fill out one, even though I doubt I'll be able to hang out with you cause I've got my own little group already. xD Plus, I'm shy as crap...I didn't meet a single new person last year because I refused to talk to anyone. xD -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Cassie Age:: 15 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? Yep. Last year I tried going without sleeping at all and it did not work. At all. Drink or smoke:: Nooooo. I hate both of those habits. >_< I hope it stops someday. Tell us about yourself:: I laze around...I'm a
  3. ...I had a convention dream last night too. o___o And it was scary and full of disappointment...it started out where I went to Otakon and one of my friends showed up that I had no idea was coming...and then I asked her where the friend that was actually going to come with me was and she goes, "Oh, she's afraid of being made fun of, so she stayed home." so...I got all disappointed and sad...and then I guess it was a time skip or something cause I was all excited to get into the Masquerade and actually have something go right, when these people rush me into a car telling me we have to get to the
  4. Gaaah! For some reason, while I was sitting in art class today and totally paying attention (not), I kept thinking about what I did when I waited in line to get into Otakon last year. xD And I don't know whyyy...maybe I drifted asleep or something. o__o I still need to preregister! I feel unprepared if I don't preregister super early!
  5. I want a Mugen Edamame...so bad. x__x I'd be so addicted to it. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4yp7s_jpprbepost_webcam
  6. Omigosh, I know that one. @___@ Last year, I said 'Screw it.' and spent the entire night before I left playing Pokemon...cause it was only game I could find for my Gameboy.. .__.; So I went through the last convention sleep deprived, yet I made it fine. xD Whoo! I can't wait to go when I'm actually awake...but there's no promise I'll be able to sleep this year either...
  7. Waaah, it's still far away, yet I still feel like I don't have enough time to get my cosplay togetherrr. xD *flail* And I started working on it back in October... Oh well. It needs to come already. >O I am ready for summa'! Haven't preregged yet though...probably'll wait for the whole tax money thingy to come back or whatever it is. Moneyyyyy. x____x It's so hard to not spend anythingggg...
  8. Oh, squee. xD Uhmm...my two awesome friends are going, but not specifically with me, two friends that aren't so close to me but are still awesome are going, once again, not specifically with me...and me, my best friend, and her mom are all gonna try to squeeze into the backseat of my mom's car and go together. xD I'm excited. This'll be my first Otakon where I'll actually have friends with me...then again, this is only my second con...>___>;;
  9. For some reason, the second I saw this thread, I started singing, "Life is a highwayyy, I'm gonna ride it all night long!" xDD So maybe that song... But on the way to Otakon, I listened to DDR songs, Miyavi songs, and the occasional Smile.dk here and there. I love DDR songs. =D
  10. 182 days, 22 hours, 57 minutes, 12 seconds. Yep. I NEED MONEY. D= Don't we all, though....
  11. With all this recession crap, how much tighter is your budget for Otakon? I'm purely curious. With the way this money stuff is going now, the way it's looking, I might have to call off my hotel room and not go to Otakon. Which sucks, cause I already started on my cosplay, but what can you do? I might try eBay...sell some stuff, raise money. xD
  12. ...wow, I hope my room doesn't face the park. xD Oh well. Yeah. Thank goodness for blinds. This'll be my first year ever staying in a hotel for Otakon...it would be bad if my first one sucked. D=
  13. I never knew such a thing existed. How do you do that?
  14. Mhm, I dunno...I've heard the fabric dye doesn't cause much of a change in color, and can sometimes bleed down onto the costume...and since it's FABRIC dye, that'd be badddd. @___@ I dunno. I think I'll test out a little bit of the ink on, like, the underside of the wig...or deep inside it, like, near the 'scalp' part...I mean, it'll all be black eventually... I've even heard of Sharpie working for some. =O Wonder if that would work...
  15. Okay. I need some input here. I'm cosplaying as Oki from Okami, and I've been thinking about the wig for a good while now. What I was planning to do is buying an Axel wig and dying the lower half of it black. And tada, Oki. I'm buying the 100 dollar wig as well, as it's just great quality and I suck at styling wigs so I'm not even attempting it. But I did some research and found that real hair dye doesn't fair so well on synthetic hair. So I need a foolproof way of dying a wig black. And since this is an expensive wig, it DOES need to be foolproof...I'm dead if I screw it up. @____@
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