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  1. I'm a bit late to this, but I had to dust off my old account cause I didn't realize this board was still around and I did want to provide some convention feedback, since the form provided at the beginning of August had no means to do so this year and that was frankly both disappointing and frustrating. The Good: -I have been a regular panelist for the AMV Theater since the Baltimore years now, but I have to get Vic and the whole AMV Theater crew a lot of kudos every year. The audio and video setup is great every year and they're always very accommodating in helping keep the panels there run
  2. Hi there everyone, I was the host of the Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos panel on Friday Night. I must say I was very surprised to see the crowd for the panel and just how filled to the brim Panel Room 4 was at that time (especially considering the concert going on at the same time). So I have to thank all of you who attended and hope you had a great time and would love to know what you thought. Also, since so many kept asking for it, here's the video list. To the best of my knowledge this is the order I showed everything in. 1. Sex Machineguns - S.H.R. : Zombies, crossdressers,
  3. No one is lying. The Otakon page does not say 710 rooms. It says 710 room nights. If they used Thursday-Saturday night that means that the Sheraton block was around 230 rooms.
  4. Someone needs to update the vitals page badly. I called the Sheraton Baltimore City Center today to not only find out their so-called Otakon block is apparently full. But when I told them the Otakon site said that their hotel had a 'Lot of 710' rooms available for the convention, they informed me that they only had 700 rooms total in their hotel and not even half of them were for the Otakon rate apparently. Either the hotel booking staff is lying or the Otakon is; either way i'm still an unhappy camper who's now stuck with a single bed room at the Raddison, which says they only have SIngle bed
  5. Truthfully i'd love to see a real classic anime movie on the big screen, like Rintaro's Galaxy Express 999.
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