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  1. AMV Contest Winners?

    Trailer/Parody: King Redeem with "Dragon Maids" Drama/Serious: Vivifx with "Frigid Fury" Action: AmethystRarity with "Karasu no Houou" Romance/Sentimental: Pixel Blended Studios (Xophilarus) with "Empty Spaces" Upbeat/Dance: Tigrin with "A Sporting Chance" Comedy: Studio Hawk with "WWJD?" Best Overflow: MadMegatax (I don't remember the video title and it wasn't on the ballot, not being a finalist) Vic's Pick: Nekokitkat with "Colors" Best in Show: Drabaz with "Dance! Dance! Dance!"
  2. 2017 AMV Theater Feedback

    The new room is definitely an improvement, but now that we know that it is still capable of attracting capacity crowds, would it be possible to have reserved seating for the editors at the awards showing next year? ...And is there any way we can get the awards moved back to Iron Editor? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to want this. Marquis Ballroom was definitely nice, even if the screens felt a little smaller (no idea if they were). Having three across meant that you could almost always see at least one of them properly even if someone was crossing in front of you to get in or out.
  3. Otakon 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

    If you're talking about the order of videos in the contest screening, they will be listed in order on your contest ballot, which will be either part of your con bag package or handed out as you enter the screening (I can't remember which). Plus, you can rip off the part of the ballot with your actual votes on it and keep the rest (viz. the full list of finalists), so that you can easily remember and look up your favorites when you get home.