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  1. Whaaaat the crap. lmao. This is worse than the people who stayed all night thursday of last year to be first in line in the morning... There were Mt Dew cans and all other sorts of caffiene products lining the Pratt entrance.
  2. 5-5:15ish because I'm going to be in the area around then anyway. (I change buses on Charles street going home from work. )
  3. Last year I went out and bought a board game to play with friends. (See: Dirty Minds, don't bother...it wasn't that good.) Despite it's rampant suckery, it passed the time. This year, hardcore peoplewatching.
  4. Bringing my girlfriend and my 4 best buds. Should be grand!
  5. Rock Band 2 is definitely where I'm tipping my hat at this point...but I'm also buying GH4 (Only the disc, of course.) for Jimi Hendrix. But DREAM THEATER. *fangasm*
  6. I wanted to play Breath of the Sea by Daita, but I'd be waaay too scared and the tabs are impossible to find. Catch me at the guitar hero setup of course though. That being said, I'm glad people are interested in this. I'll definitely be enjoying the show.
  7. Ahh, Pretear was a good'un. It'll touch the young-girl within us ALL. The only part I came close to tears with of Love Hina was that part of the Christmas special when Keitaro was stumbling in the snow to find Naru.
  8. I know I was bawling my eyes out during RahXephon. What animes have emotionally touched you to the point of tears?
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