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  1. I'm posting here if I notice that all the escalators are not turn on which is a hard for those trying to walk up and down stairs, but my question or concern would be is that earlier day just before 1pm (I was on my why to my panel room to run a panel room) is that I lost my footing on the stairs and fell down them and almost broke something but lucky I did not. Some of the Baltimore Convention Center staff came over to help which I was thankful that and at the time I felt ok, but was a little out of it.... Now I have a hugh busie on my left leg and left foot feels funny, I was was wonderi
  2. The wait is over!!! Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel Day- Friday Time- 2-3pm Location - Panel Room #1 (Rooms 337-338) Thanks for the wait everyone! I'd tried for Saturday, but we got Friday! At least it isn't on Sunday and isn't going on during the photoshoots thats good! See you all there! ~Lilly-chan
  3. Yep! I'll be cosplaying as Dark Mercury from PGSM! I'm also running the confirm "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel" which I'm still waiting to hear back on the time/location/day as soon as I get I'll let everyone know. I'll be at both photoshoots! ~Lilly-chan
  4. I want to thank all those who came to the PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) fan panel on Sunday morning! Even though the panel did not make it to the program book nor the separate sheet. I was amaze of the turn out for the panel for Sunday morning! I'm at least glad that I was able to put a sign up on my table in the artist alley and also let every Sailor Moon cosplayer know at both of the photoshoots. We also had some problems with showing some clips on Kali's laptop, but it seem that everyone was please anyways. Thanks again! I should have my panel report with pictures and video footage fr
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