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  1. Nope but If we do they'll go under the official statistics area as linked above in this thread, which is where I got last years data from. The only number we know for sure is the preliminary count of 28,411 which I'm assuming does not include staffers or the like, and will probably rise or fall based on a later recount. In my experience (since I like to see what the official number is after the fact), it takes a couple of weeks to months for the number to get posted on the website in past years.
  2. The Confusion here is total attendance of the con vs unique memberships. Otakon in 2018 had 28,116 unique members, 759 Staff, 294 Artist Alley Exhibitors, and 110 Dealers room exhibitors who may or may not be counted as members and may have multiple people per booth, and 38 Guests. I'm assuming to get technical 'full attendance', Otakon probably added the staff and then some of the artist and dealers or maybe guests? and then came up with the 29,293 figure
  3. The Good: Every line felt like it flowed really well, no line con this year almost at all Artist Alley had a better variety than last year? Not certain if this actually something Otakon did or if trends just changed but it definitely felt like it was more varried All the Justin Coale panels are really good It was great to see all the support for KyotoAni out at the con with the closing ceremonies and such The Bad: Like everyone else said the uneven enforcement of the bag check food and water stuff, brought bottles in all three days with no problems but its
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