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  1. CRAPPPPP! Okay, so work has left me totally unable to make my costume thus far, and with one month exactly remaining, I feel like I'm stuck! My plans to do Marth from Super Smash Brothers Melee have fallen through because of the damn iPhone 3G launch and such (I work for Apple)! If you, or anyone you know is taking comissions still and would like to take on the daunting task of getting this done extremely fast! Get hold of me! Either you (or have them) email me at eatmoreramen@yahoo.com or AIM at "dontfeedtheninja"! I'll gladly pay more than the normal price you'd cha
  2. Well first off...what do you look like and how old are you? That will give me a good idea.
  3. Thank you very much! See, it's compliments like that I'm going to miss since Marth is NO WHERE nearly as recognizable as Edward is... But maybe I'll finally be able to eat in peace
  4. I think I finally settled on at least one... Marth from Fire Emblem/Super Smash Brothers (in this case Brawl) I've already begun making scale drawings of myself and the costume, sizing them up to real life and thus far i have the breast plate cutout of the plastic and foam. The cloth'll be the hard thing for me to design...
  5. I'd love to help. Are there any anime's in particular that you like? That would be a good place for me to start. I'm open to almost anything that you think, I could pull off. I've got a general good knowledge of a lot of anime/manga so I should know who you suggest. Thanks
  6. OKAY... I hate pointing this out to EVERYONE, but it's NOT, one more time now just for good measure, NOT, Dragonball Z It is dragonball, period. So, for those of you who (God forbid) who don't know, they are indeed, two different things, completely. Therefore, since the movie takes place around the Piccolo part of DB, this movie might not suck, considering it's a lot of martial arts and not a whole lot of "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" powering up and "OVER 9000!" power levels. They SHOULD show it at Otakon, but they most likely won't, BECAUSE look at it this way: Fox is banking
  7. Are you saying you werent allowed into otakon because your cosplay sword was too big? If thats so, I can understand being frustrated over that - but an 8 foot prop would be hard to carry around for 3 days, not to mention possibly hurt someone. I have a 5 ft cosplay pole and BCC staff was inspecting THAT at the door. boy, I was sweating bullets until they said "okay you're fine". No No I got into Otakon perfectly fine with my 8ft sword. I got pictures taken of me, and even interviewed, the sword didnt feel that heavy to me though and I only cosplayed on Saturday, but nobody said anyt
  8. I don't mind sitting there, last year we were playing name that tune for a while haha I just hope the line isnt downstairs again this year for two reasons 1) no electrical sockets 2) the wifi doesnt reach down there :-\
  9. Thursday is definately faster - and more fun. faster in terms of getting into the con. the dealers room doesnt open until like 12 noon anyway so it doesnt matter.
  10. So, what's faster? Being in the front of the main entrance to get your badge Friday morning since like 6:45 AM OR Picking up your badge Thursday night, and going into the other line around 7 AM. Which of these will get me into the dealer's room line faster? I imagine the line for those who already picked up their badges is probably longer than the one for those who havent yet picked up their badges, or am I wrong. But I'm just wondering, if I'll get into the actual convention faster if I go thursday night, or will it be faster if I go Friday. Thanks!
  11. I've never been to a Thursday night Otakon Event...for me it's always been ritualistic that I get up at 4:30, leave from the suburbs of Philly (delaware county), hit the road by 5 AM at the latest, and then wait in line, get my badge, AND RUN TO THE DEALERS ROOM LINE did it that way for 06 and 07 , this'll be otakon #5 for me, and I'm thinking bout seeing if i can get in there thursday night hmmm Question: Is the line to get in Friday morning any shorter if you pick up Thursday night?
  12. Well, let's see, I spend $150 (that's my 50% of the price) on the hotel right off the bat, then you figure, about $50-$75 for food fri/sat/sun (bring your own it's a lot cheaper), that left me with a lot of money for the artist alley, overall, I probably spent $1000 haha, I won a lot of auctions. This year, hopefully I'll be putting up art at the Art Show. Now just to figure out what to cosplay as since I'm retiring edward...hmmm
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