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  1. Got my Lucia yesterday! I have to tweak the shorts though because they come down to my KNEES. -.-
  2. *points to signature* Granted, I'm waiting on my Lucia to arrive from UPS, and I'm not getting my hopes up until I have the costume in my hands because it's been an absolute nightmare trying to get it. And I still need to try to make my Pichu collar, but it's proving most annoying. ><
  3. Any chance of seeing the Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia or the Saturn/PS1 release of Silhouette Mirage? I would also be interested in a panel if you guys decided to do one.
  4. Does it take the entire stay upfront like most hotels or just the first night? I wanted to know before trying to book since I only have about $200 on my card at the moment. ^^;
  5. Katsu 15 was my first con ever, and I didn't budget very well. To the point where I had to pass up on just about everything in the DR that I wanted. I plan on being better prepared for Otakon. I have my tax refund which should pay for hotel, pre-reg and hopefully one of my cosplays. Then I will take at least $50 out of every paycheck (maybe more, depending on how much they are for) and save up. Should have at least an extra $400 right there.
  6. So far, my cosplay plans are: Lucia from Lunar: Eternal Blue, which I'm really excited about. An original character from a manga one of my friends is working on. I've only seen the sketches so far, but it should look amazing. And I want to do a third cosplay, but I am so far undecided as to what I want.
  7. Katsu 15 was my first con and this will be my first year attending Otakon, but I'm very excited about it. I'm going down with a group of friends, same group that I went to Katsu with, so it should be a lot of fun. ^^
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