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  1. blackdaggr

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good Fun panels, and a good mix. I brought my wife this year (who isn't into anime), and she found a lot of panels to interest her. In particular, some of the food panels and the Japanese commercials were mostly good. Smooth lines, rarely needing to wait (except to queue up for popular workshops) Bad Friday night autograph line for Erika Harlacher stalled for 20 minutes while someone monopolized her with conversation. The staff should have moved things along Some popular panels (e.g., Japanese Commercials) should have been in one of the big panel rooms. There's always next year (Minor) With the Festival theme, I was disappointed there was no Thursday Matsuri. Not as much anime. With only four screening rooms, one of which was devoted to Live Action and another to vintage/kids shows, we didn't have much in the way of cool new shows. I'd like to see Otakon go back up to the 6 screening rooms of the past. Ugly Convention food was horrid this year. We had pizza with dirt or ash on the bottom, and tasteless poke bowls (with chicken instead of tuna? ugh). Prices were high, but I'd pay for reasonable food.
  2. blackdaggr

    Badge Mailing?

    Has anyone received their badges in the mail for Otakon 2019 yet?