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  1. I am a little worried about this also. I am wondering how we are going to get any food. I don't want to wait in long lines for it. I have arthritis in my knees and that would be painful for me.
  2. I like the idea of taking Cold Eze! I might try something like that! I will need to make sure I have all my meds ready. I take a BUNCH of them! I organize them into 3 sets of boxes marked for the day of the week. 1 for Am 1 for mid day 1 for bedtime. Have to have something to help me sleep otherwise I will not sleep! Got confirmation for my hotel. Bought train ticket already! Printed out confirmation for hotel. Set up meeting time for traveling companion. Packed all clothing already. Packing clothing I can wash in hotel room and will dry quickly so I don't have to pack as
  3. I am not being lazy. I have looked at the schedule and have marked some things as potential to see. Many of them happen at the same time so I have to decide which is best. I had knee surgery this month. I'll have a scooter rented for the con. Still, I will have to monitor my pain level. Might just have to do 1 or 2 things per day. I have made these choices so far below. I have to weed through it and figure out which ones are the best. What do you think? 2-3pm -Photoshoot 1 Studio Ghibli or Black Butler at Photoshoot 3 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Video 3 (Room 146B)
  4. Hello Jigglypuff Fans! I will be a "Jigglypuff Victim" at this years Otakon! You know how Jigglypuff makes marks on the faces of people who fall asleep when it sings? Wouldn't it be fun if a bunch of us could do it together? I think we should use our own makeup to do it. If anyone has face painting experience, that would be great. You can leave me a message here if you are interested in joining in the fun. Joanne
  5. Hello All! I see a lot of potential things to see at this year's Con! I would appreciate some help picking out the videos and other activities I would like most. Here are examples of things I like: Most anything with Miyazaki as a director or Studio Ghibli. I loved it when Otakon had The Wolf Children in the past. Anime that I like are the whole Aria series including Aria The Animation, Aria the Natural and Aria the Origination. I like other series by the same director as Aria such as Sketchbook Full Color's I like a lot of Anime that involve folklore and Yokai themes such as Petit
  6. Okay everyone, where's my badge? Should I be worried? I opted to have mine mailed to me. I haven't seen it yet. Joanne
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