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Otakon Webpage Addition?

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May I suggest an addition to Otakon's webpage?

Since I've been to a number of shows at the WEWCC -- to purchase food at all of them, cash was not accepted.  (I still don't understand why this is, since US bills have this written on them: This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.)

However, some new attendees to Otakon might not be aware of the no cash policy for food.  So, could this be mentioned on Otakon's webpage?  If it's already on the webpage, forgive me, but I didn't see it.

May I suggest it be put on the FAQ page under "Food", and under FAQ's "General information, How much money should I bring?" and of course anywhere else it might be handy.

Thanks for considering this!


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I second that suggestion, because it is a restriction which will affect those who are unaware of it at an inopportune moment. Someone will be pretty upset waiting in a line for a long time only to find out the food they have been wanting can't be purchased. Funny thing is that using card only forces higher prices because the extra charges are passed down.

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