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  1. EdKitten

    Recomendations for Studio Ghibli Fan

    Sorry to post so much, but, you might want to see an Otakon guest: Hirokatsu Kihara, formerly involved with the production desk at Studio Ghibli. I missed seeing him last year and heard he was really a fun guest. Hope to see him this year!
  2. EdKitten

    Helpful Tidbits & Carol Burnett

    Oh, for people using Union Station to travel to Otakon -- the comic book store and the used book store are gone from Union Station. However, Walgreens, other stores, many restaurants (and the food court) are still there. url: unionstationdc.com
  3. EdKitten

    Helpful Tidbits & Carol Burnett

    Just a bunch o' tidbits, thought they might be helpful. A pdf map of the metro/subway system is at: wmata.com/schedules/maps/upload/2019-System-Map.pdf (the link on Otakon's webpage for the map doesn't seem to work, so I hope this one is ok). Carol Burnett Fans -- she'll be appearing at the Strathmore music center on Thursday, July 25, at 8pm. Since it's happening on badge/pick up day for Otakon, I hope this info is ok to post here. The Strathmore is right across the street from the Grosvenor metro (on the Red line -- on the metro map, it's located near the upper left). Url: strathmore.org. If you find yourself on the metro, not really near the WEWCC, and need some handy stores, some are: McDonalds and 7 Eleven, across from the White Flint metro (on the Red line -- on the metro map, it's located near the upper left). Once you exit White Flint, you'll see them right across the street. Safeway grocery store, located across from the Twinbrook metro (on the Red line -- on the metro map, it's located near the upper left). When you get off the train, you'll see a Hilton hotel and to the left of the hotel, a Safeway (they're both located across a metro parking lot). Caution -- at night, sometimes the walk to Safeway can be a bit dark because some of the metro's parking lot lights on that side don't light up. Of course, walking during the daytime is fine. Walking directions from Mt. Vernon Square metro to the WEWCC entrance: In the past, I'd see a lot of people wonder which direction to walk, once they stepped off the escalators at Mt. Vernon Square metro. For first-timers, once you exit the escalators at Mt. Vernon Square metro, you'll see glass doors in front of you belonging to the WEWCC. But they'll be exit doors. So, you have to walk along the outside of the building to get to the entrance. So, with the glass doors in front of you, make a left (do not cross the street), then make a right (which comes up quickly), and just go straight. You'll get to an intersection (which is 7th Street and L Street), but keep going straight. (It'll look like you're walking along two different buildings, but they're both part of the WEWCC.) Keep going straight until you come to the corner of the building (the intersection should say Mt. Vernon Place). Do not cross the street. Turn right at the corner of the building, and soon you'll see the entrance to the WEWCC on the right. Gosh, that's long directions -- sorry about that. It's actually really easy -- just follow the cosplayers! To make it even easier, please view the picture Otakon has at: otakon.com/info/location, scroll down to "venue maps," and find the one that shows "Main Entrance" and "M Metro." Any other helpful hints from others will be extremely appreciated!
  4. EdKitten

    Recomendations for Studio Ghibli Fan

    Haven't had a chance to look at the program yet. I love The Wolf Children too! And Studio Ghibli films. Not connected with Otakon, but you might like to keep an eye on fathomevents for anime films. They usually have some anime and Studio Ghibli films scheduled. For Ghibli, go to fathomevents.com, scroll down and click on Studio Ghibli Fest. When you type in your zipcode, click on the auto zipcode that'll pop up in the box underneath your typing. (Took a while to figure out that I actually needed to click on the box, for the movies in my area to show up.)
  5. EdKitten

    Where to Eat for Otakon vids

    Thanks a million for all the awesome videos! So much helpful information!
  6. I'd be interested in any info about this too, and totally agree with DeskLaser.
  7. EdKitten

    Scooters in DC?

    Thanks! There are many hotels near subway stops, but these are the ones I really like, and are in good areas.
  8. EdKitten

    Events DC Has Wrong Dates For Otakon?

    OMG -- you're right! I forgot about Thurs badge pick-up. (I don't pre-reg because I don't want to put all that personal info on a public computer, so I end up paying all that $$$ at the door.) Thanks for reminding me about Thurs. I gotta go find my brain, again.
  9. EdKitten

    Scooters in DC?

    Just to give you some alternatives where you don't need a scooter, if you're interested. There are hotels right off many metro stations. The Crystal Gateway Marriott in Virginia is right off the Crystal City metro (on the Yellow Line) -- you don't even have to go above ground to get there. Once you're on the subway train, it's about a 10-15 minute ride to Mt Vernon metro where the WEWCC is. There's another Marriott there at Crystal City metro, but it's farther to get to (you don't have to go above ground for that Marriott too). To get to the Crystal Gateway Marriott, when leaving the Crystal City metro, you'll be going up some escalators and will see doors on the left and right, and you'll see more escalators ahead of you. Take the doors to the right. There's a small mall with a convenience store, a Rite Aid store and restaurants. Near the Rite Aid store you'll see a small tunnel which goes to the Crystal City Marriott. To get to the other Marriott, you'll take the doors to the left (instead of the right in the instructions, above), and you'll be walking down many long, long hallways to get there. (Not really great, late at night, IMHO.) There's also some hotels close by the Bethesda metro (on the Red Line, so you'd have to transfer to the Yellow Line to get to the Mt Vernon metro for the WEWCC). The Hyatt's right above the Bethesda metro. And about 2 blocks away are the Marriot Residence Inn and Hilton Garden Inn. I've been to all these hotels, and they're all great to stay at. The Crystal Gateway Marriott would probably be the most handy since it's right on the Yellow Line for the WEWCC, and has a Rite Aid (for hotel room supplies) and restaurants and other stores right next to it. (The last time I was there, about a year ago, just some of the stores were open on Sundays. The Rite Aid store was open on Sundays). Anyway, you've probably got your hotel all set, but thought to post this info, just in case.
  10. www.dcconvention.com has Otakon listed with an extra day: July 25-28, 2019. Wasn't sure if any Otakon staff would like to contact them to correct it? Thanks for any help!
  11. Sorry to post so much, but just found out about Escape Velocity, to be held May 24-26, 2019 at the Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor (Washington DC/Maryland). Looks really interesting. It says it'll have science, technology, pop culture, Museum of Science Fiction, and has pics of cosplayers. The url: https://escapevelocity.events
  12. Just FYI, the Women's Empowerment Expo will be held at the WEWCC on Saturday, June 15, 2019, from 10am -- 5pm. If interested, the url is: https://womenempowerx.com/washington-dc
  13. Just found out about the "7th Annual Washington Writers Conference" to be held May 10-11, 2019 at the Marriott (across from the White Flint metro) in North Bethesda, Maryland. Sponsored by the Washington Independent Review of Books. It's really expensive though (so I probably won't be going ). But they'll have one-on-one pitch sessions with literary agents from New York, Boston and Washington, DC, among other program things. If interested, the url is: washingtonindependentreviewofbooks.com/page/washington-writers-conference-2019 If anyone's interested in a sci-fi/fantasy literary convention, there's "Capclave" (capclave.org). October 18-20, 2019, at the Hilton across from the Twinbrook metro. Not as expensive as the conference, above, thank goodness. Does anyone know of other writer conferences around the DC area? There's the "Writer's Center" in Bethesda, Maryland, that has lots of events going on, but that's about it (I think). Anyhoo, sure would be fun to find out about other writer conferences.
  14. EdKitten

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    That'd be awesome! So many AMVs over the past years are terrific!
  15. EdKitten

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Anniversary merch sounds terrific! Especially Otakon's tshirts -- I really like those. Are you thinking of making a new hat, or perhaps getting another official Otakon one? It's so hard to let go of my old tshirts -- they're so comfortable and have great memories from Otakon. Some special programming from Otakon would be really fun, maybe like videos showing bits of Otakon through the years. All the things people mentioned in Kewshi's post on 2019's festival theme sound terrific too. I really hope Otakon does what they mentioned.