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  1. Northern Entrance

    Terrific you get to attend the Auto Show! You're right -- very different crowd and not the same amount of space. I missed the Auto show last year -- hope they use the top floor again! Hey, just saw the Auto Show's gonna be Jan 25 -- Feb 4, 2018! Sure hope you can attend! They also have a Travel and Adventure Show, Jan 20-21 -- that's a fun show too. Oops, as usual, I'm off topic. Sorry about that.
  2. Northern Entrance

    Just a little info: for many shows, the Convention Center's doors next to the metrorail are used for both entrance and exit. When entering, there's always a guard there to show you which rooms to go to for registration/bag check/other areas. Happy New Year everyone!
  3. Happy birthday to me and all Otakon members

    Belated happy birthday! Thanks for your video -- it's really fun to watch!
  4. Anime NYC Nov 17-19, 2017. Anyone here going?

    Sadly, not on the agenda. But have tons o' fun Daniel!
  5. Number of attendees?

    Fantastic! Love being at a con and seeing tables for other cons -- really fun talking with the people at the tables!
  6. Number of attendees?

    LOL!! Hey, did you notice WEWCC's Food Show was selling Cookies and Cream Pocky? Yummo! Gosh, can't remember if Otakon had a table at Awesome Con, but if not, maybe having a table could reach a lot of people who travel to the WEWCC? There's quite a few vendors there with anime / manga items. Just thought it might be another way to reach more people.
  7. Hotels 2018?

    Wow -- Thanks for all the info! I didn't realize these things. Windseeker, that's probably a great rate you got, especially if that's the hotel you decide on! Can't wait for Otakon 2018!
  8. Hotels 2018?

    Er, I believe you need a government travel order to get those rates when you arrive at the hotel? For an office job, I used to do the reservations and paperwork (tons o' forms) for my bosses' travels. When making the hotel reservations you didn't need to have the travel order, but when the bosses arrived at the hotel, they said sometimes the hotel clerks ask to see the travel order, and sometimes they don't. Could you please double-check the rules with the hotel about those rates to see if you need a travel order? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't want you to get in trouble.
  9. Thanks for the turnstile explanation! "Bigger by half" was because there were always a lot more people around during AC.
  10. Um, there weren't any turnstiles at Awesome Con's registration, or anywhere else, that I saw. And they mailed badges too. Just from walking around the general population of people in the WEWCC, Awesome Con was bigger, maybe by half? No disrespect intended. I love both cons -- they're each unique and I have a blast at both of them. (P.S. The people who know I wasn't going to be able to attend Otakon because of having to take care of a friend -- they found a replacement for me at the last second. Yay!)
  11. Sold out within minutes!!! Holy cow!!! Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory's episode where all 4 guys are in a living room, furiously hitting buttons on their laptops, trying to get tickets to comic con. REALLY so glad you'll be able to go all 4 days!!!
  12. $195 + taxes and fees -- yuck! But at least you'll get in all 4 days. Reading NYCC's website -- seems like we need a college degree to figure out all the different ticket regulations and prices. lol. Gosh, some cons are really making skid marks on our paychecks! Awesome Con is FINALLY having Stan Lee, but to get a premium package deal for him, it costs $350.00, PLUS, to have bagels and coffee with Stan it's an extra $295.00 (for both deals you need a "separate admission still required"). Another guest at Awesome Con, David Tennant, from Dr. Who -- to get a package deal VIP badge for him, it's 400.00, I think. At least you can still see these fellas with just a general admission ticket, but those other prices -- good grief! At least I was able to get a regular (cheaper) VIP badge. Last year the dealer's room had such a great atmosphere, I didn't want to leave it, and ended up missing a lot of stars' talks. This year, hopefully I'll be able to remember to look at the program more often. Thank goodness there's usually just one price for anime cons. Have a fantastic time at NYCC Daniel!
  13. Guest Request: 2015

    Put in my vote for Haley Joel Osment too! He's an incredible actor!