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  1. Wow -- lots of stuff to research when deciding on a smartphone. All your comments sure are helpful in narrowing this down!
  2. EdKitten

    New Book: Miyazaki World, A Life In Art

    2002 was an Otakon I missed. Drats! Awesome title "Super Sempai Squad"! Too bad it didn't work (if I read your post correctly). But thanks for all your hard work!
  3. EdKitten

    Hero Union BBS

    Have only had time to see a few panels of the manga -- it's really great and interesting! Thanks for link! Now just gotta find the time to view it all -- orz!
  4. Just a reminder, the movie will be at some theaters this Saturday (9/15/18). Example: Rockville theater (in Rockville, Maryland), is having just one showing at 12:55pm. Found at: Fandango.com and Fathomevents.com After their World Tour Booth at Otakon, I gotta see the movie.
  5. Thanks again for all the info! I'll definitely be researching all this.
  6. EdKitten

    Otakon 2018 Vlog Series from yours truly!

    Awesome! Fun to see/hear you and David chatting!
  7. That's so terrific about your grandmother! $10/month difference -- hmmmm, maybe I'll re-think about getting a smartphone. Thanks!
  8. EdKitten

    Just My Two Cents.....

    Thanks! It's always great seeing your videos!
  9. Thanks for all the info! Sadly though, I just have a little cell phone (aka: small screen, no web browser). I keep thinking of getting a smartphone, but haven't justified spending all that money each month. But who knows -- maybe by next Otakon, I'll get one.
  10. EdKitten

    Any other cons...?

    It's a really fun con! Whichever cons you go to, I hope you have an awesome time! And am so glad you started this thread -- I'd definitely like to check out some of the other cons people have mentioned.
  11. Just for the record, I can't install Guidebook. Guess I use the old fashion route by using public computers to view Guidebook before Otakon and writing down the events I'd like to attend. Then during Otakon, this puts me completely in the dark as to any cancelations. But I expect to miss things once in a while so I'm usually ok with it. (Sometimes have found really great things going on to fill-up that time!) But most events that I wanna see haven't usually canceled (knock on wood). Guess this puts me in the minority, but I don't mind. Oh, and I love the Awesome Sheet of Awesomeness -- I hope Otakon can keep that available. It's so handy and packed with info.
  12. EdKitten

    Any other cons...?

    Sheesh -- how could I forget about Balticon? Was there ages ago, but usually can't fit it in the ol' budget nowadays. It's a large SciFi / Fantasy con, held at The Renaissance Hotel, at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It'll be held in May 2019. Url: balticon.org
  13. EdKitten

    Any other cons...?

    Have heard good things about Anime USA. I LOVE attending cons! Katsucon is a large anime con, held at the Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor, Maryland. Date: February 2019. Url: katsucon.com You can find lots o' cons listed in the events/calendar links at: Animecons.com Upcomingcons.com Dcconvention.com (WEWCC’s webpage. Their events/calendar lists shows going on at other locations too.) CaiaWar, when you mentioned “other cons people go to” I wasn’t sure if you just meant anime? If so, then sorry about the list below, but perhaps others might find it interesting? Anyway, here goes: Small Press Expo. Large-ish expo. Emphasizes comic books and graphic novels. LOTS of vendors. Have only seen a handful of cosplayers there. Held at the Marriott across from the White Flint metro, Rockville, Maryland. Date: September 15-16, 2018. Url: smallpressexpo.com Capclave. Small SciFi / Fantasy con, emphasizing small press editors, publishers, writers and books. Usually just one or two cosplayers are there. Held at the Hilton across from the Twinbrook metro, Rockville, Maryland. Date: September 28-30, 2018. Url: capclave.org Magfest. Large gaming and music expo. Held at the Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor, Maryland. Date: January 2019. url: magfest.org (Their Maglabs con will be held this weekend September 7-9, 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia. url: labs.magfest.org) Awesome Con. Large comic con, held at the WEWCC. Date: April 2019. Url: awesome-con.com Totally not anime but really interesting and different: Natural Living Expo. Large-ish expo. Alternative medicine, metaphysics, meditations, angel readings, tarot readings, psychic readings, jewelry, vitamins & supplements, workshops, etc. Date: September 23, 2018 in Falls Church, Virginia (also held in the Spring, usually in College Park, Maryland) Url: naturallivingexpo.com
  14. The Washington Post today (Sept 2, 2018), has an article about the book. The article has a large pic of the Cat Bus with the two girls from "My Neighbor Totoro." Also has a smaller pic of Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service." The author, Susan Napier "teaches at Tufts, where her classes include a Miyazaki seminar." (Sure wish I went to Tufts!) Hopefully, the book will be good. Does anyone already have the book? Do you like it?
  15. EdKitten

    Otakon 2018 Vlog Series from yours truly!

    Focusing on friends is awesome too! Still can't wait to see the vlogs!