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  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up! I've never seen May J -- it'll be terrific to attend! Plus, I love any excuse to visit the Kennedy Center -- that place is gorgeous. And it's so easy to get there, with their free shuttle from the subway. Thanks again!
  2. Am not sure if this is advertised much, so thought maybe some folks here might be interested? A bunch of Studio Ghibli's films will be shown at the Bethesda Row movie theater, on Woodmont Avenue, in Bethesda, Maryland, (near the Barnes and Noble), on the weekends beginning this Saturday (3/11/17) through April, 2017. They'll also be shown at the E Street Cinema and the West End Cinema, both in Washington, DC (I didn't note the dates for the Washington, DC theaters -- sorry about that). Some movies will be dubbed in English, but most will be in Japanese with subtitles in English. They are: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Howl's Moving Castle Porco Rosso The Wind Rises Castle in the Sky My Neighbor Totoro Pom Poko Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Kiki's Delivery Service Princess Mononoke Only Yesterday Spirited Away Typing out the long theater urls to include in this post didn't seem to work. So, I suppose going to the different movie theaters' webpages will have the info. But if not, you can find links to all three theaters at the Bethesda Row webpage. Please google: bethesda row cinema Once you're on the Bethesda Row webpage, please scroll down and you'll see the Studio Ghibli links for all three theaters. Sorry about the extra long way to get to the webpages.
  3. :: looks into wallet and a moth flies out :: Alas, I haven't been to Anime Central. Will definitely put it on the "to do" list. I hope you have a FANTASTIC time there!
  4. I always plan on going to Union Station (which has it's own subway stop), because of the many restaurants they have, plus a food court. (Actually, the food court is only about half the size it was, since they put a Walgreens in there.) But usually what I end up doing is eating right at the convention center (my poor wallet!), because it's less time consuming during the event. Then before going home, I'll munch out at Union Station. But the places others have listed above sound really great -- hopefully I'll be able to check out some of them during Otakon.
  5. Thanks for the posts. Terrific info. Am so glad Otakon has the metrorail on their "wait to see" list. $29,500-per-hour??? Even if it's just deposits, I'm in the wrong business!
  6. Whoa -- I can't even imagine what it's like going to a baseball game when the train's out of order. Was hoping wmata might take into consideration the enormous amount of people for Otakon and schedule any possible track work on a different weekend. Guess it's really early in the year anyway to be posting about it. Oh well. Just in case, will put on my list o' things to take for Otakon: taxi money.
  7. I could be wrong, but thought waitlisted meant that the hotel room block was filled up for that particular hotel, and if they have a cancellation, then the next person on the list gets the room/reservation? Sure hope I'm wrong. Did they give a phone number for the company that handles Otakon's hotel reservations? Maybe you can call and they can say exactly what waitlisted means?
  8. Wasn't sure if this is a good suggestion or not, because the subway (wmata.com) is supposed to be through with repairs in Spring 2017 (I think). At least somewhere around that time. However, considering it's wmata (with all their delays), do you think Otakon might want to contact wmata to ask (beg, if necessary ) that the subway stations at and around Mt. Vernon Square can be scheduled to stay open during Otakon? I don't know if wmata will honor requests like this, or how far in advance they'd need to be notified. I'd hate to think of the traffic mess if Mt. Vernon Square subway is closed or even has delays, during Otakon. Maybe your contacts at the Washington Convention Center might have suggestions about this -- they might have run into this before for other events and maybe can give suggestions about it?
  9. Thanks! Sorry I didn't answer sooner, it's hard to get to public computers sometimes. Can't wait to see/hear the japanese bands!
  10. Whoa -- sorry you got caught in that fire alarm, especially in the dealer's room! Brrrrr! Gosh, I'd heard the 501st cosplayers have some layers on them, so that's really saying something that the cosplayer was freezing too. Oh, and actually a maid said there was a fire in the spa section that caused the alarm, but the way she talked, it seemed like it was a small fire. Sounds great! Hey, if it's really hot outside, I hope any bands can hold their concerts indoors -- or else their instruments might melt, along with themselves!
  11. Wow -- that was some convention, Revan!!! Bet you'll always remember that one!!! Reminds me a bit of the fire alarm at Katsucon (last year, i think). Though it wasn't hot outside, since it's held in February. Thousands of people poured out of the Gaylord Hotel in single digit weather. (If it wasn't single digit, it was close to it.) Thank goodness some hotels were nearby, so lots of people got to huddle like sardines in their lobbies, during the alarm. Burrrrr. Speaking of the Washington Convention Center -- a long time ago, I posted that the hallways were really super wide. But now that I've had time to attend a lot of shows there and am more familiar with the place -- most of the hallways aren't actually that wide. Just a handful are super wide, and with the excitement of being in a large convention center back then, those super wide hallways stuck in ye ol' mind when posting. Sorry about the mis-information.
  12. Long sleeves sound great. Hmmm, though outside in the summer, it might be hot. So, hopefully, you won't be outside for very long, if it's one of those really hot days. Amazing how much we can take, going from really cold indoors to really hot outdoors.
  13. Yeah, tight fit. But another anime convention's a-ok. Not sure if my wallet can take it, along with Otakon. Might have to choose between the two. Otakon would win. Maybe I can find some overtime at work to pay for the fanfest one.
  14. I've been there many times, but usually wear a jacket. Haven't had any trouble with the temperature, except once. That one time the air was pouring out and was super cold for some reason -- but it was in a large hall, so I just moved away. I usually get cold easily too. If you can, perhaps you could bring a sweater/jacket and a scarf in a backpack or something, just in case. You won't believe this, but I keep a scarf in a backpack all year long -- even in summer, some buses' air conditioning is really cold, so I just bring out ye ol' scarf, and I'm ok.
  15. If time allows, you might want to visit the Inner Harbor -- it's got lots of great stuff to do. My favorites are visiting the National Aquarium, Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, and walking around all the decks of the Constellation ship in the harbor. It's like a total bonus side-by-side with Otakon. I'm really gonna miss all that when Otakon moves to DC.