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  1. I sure do miss all the goodies at the Inner Harbor, but all the spacious elbow-room at the WEWCC is terrific. Too bad we can't meld the two together.
  2. Program schedule looks really interesting, emphasizing entrepreneurs. Thought maybe some Otakon people might be interested in attending. Their website: womenempowerx.com/washingtondc/ Their FAQ says guys are welcome to attend too!
  3. EdKitten

    Insurance For Non-Refundable Tickets?

    Sorry to read that you have seizures. And missed so much of the LA convention. You make some excellent points! Especially "memberships" versus "tickets" -- hadn't thought of those. With all the loop-holes insurance companies use (that I've heard of, or read about), maybe insurance isn't such a great thing after all for conventions.
  4. Fantastic that you're a talent guide (guest liaison)!!! Am afraid I'd be too tongue-tied when near a guest, especially Billy Dee Williams. Sorry about that. Hope you have great luck finding volunteers. Can't wait for the convention!
  5. EdKitten

    Insurance For Non-Refundable Tickets?

    Hi Matt! Yeah, I'd never seen any insurance for stuff like this, before last Thursday. But not sure if enough people would be interested in it. And am not sure of the exact coverage that people would have (I haven't read all the "fine print" at TicketGuardian's webpage).
  6. Another round of Studio Ghibli movies are gonna happen in movie theaters starting in March 2018. Am not sure if they'll show all over the USA, but it's at least gonna be in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland, and Washington DC (the West End and E Street Cinema). Url: Landmarktheatres.com You might want to check out the webpages of your local theaters too. Like, the Rockville theater isn't listed at the url, above (I think). And Rockville has some movies that Bethesda doesn't. Some movies are (your area might have them in different months): Howl's Moving Castle (in March) Spirited Away (in April and October) Kiki's Delivery Service (in March) My Neighbor Totoro (in April and September) Princess Mononoke (in March and July) The Cat Returns (in April) Castle In The Sky (in May and November) Porco Rosso (in May) Pom Poko (in June) Ponyo (in March) Grave of the Fireflies (in August)
  7. This looks FANTASTIC!!! (So sorry it took this long to see your post (sometimes it's hard getting to a public computer)). Will DEFINITELY look into it. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Saw on one of Awesome Con's registration pages, you can get insurance for non-refundable tickets for $9.82, if you can't make it to the convention for certain reasons. The company's name is Ticket Guardian. I've never seen this before and haven't looked up any reviews on them yet. But seems worth it, as long as they don't hassle you about making claims. url: ticketguardian.net/standard-protection-tc Do you think the Otakon Gods might wish to consider this for attendees in the future?
  9. Thanks for the turnstile explanation! "Bigger by half" was because there were always a lot more people around during AC.
  10. Um, there weren't any turnstiles at Awesome Con's registration, or anywhere else, that I saw. And they mailed badges too. Just from walking around the general population of people in the WEWCC, Awesome Con was bigger, maybe by half? No disrespect intended. I love both cons -- they're each unique and I have a blast at both of them. (P.S. The people who know I wasn't going to be able to attend Otakon because of having to take care of a friend -- they found a replacement for me at the last second. Yay!)
  11. EdKitten

    Guest Request: 2015

    Put in my vote for Haley Joel Osment too! He's an incredible actor!