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  1. Gosh, didn't know that about the SDCC. And I assume with parking fees per day -- wow, so expensive! 😵 And for vendors too if they have to stay at a hotel, they need to sell enough merch to cover their expenses each day. For Otakon, there's cheaper hotels, especially near metro stations (which I listed a while back), but then you miss out on seeing cosplayers all over and easily meeting people from the con. So sorry to read about Katsucon armageddon! I sure wish Katsucon was held in the warmer months.
  2. Thanks for the Youtube video. It looks very cool -- similar to tennis. Those anime paddles look awesome!! Seems a bit pricey, but I don't know anything about the prices for the sport. If you don't get a response from Otakon staff, maybe you could contact the company and tell them about Otakon -- maybe they'll be interested in being a vendor.
  3. There's a tee-shirt convention called "Tee-Con" at the WEWCC, July 19-20, 2024. Their webpage says to come in your best DC comics cosplay. They'll have gaming, workshops, vendors, and art battles too. I've never been to a tee-shirt con. Has anyone been to one of these? If so, did you like it? Pics from their webpage look really interesting. url: teeconconvention.com
  4. Sorry there's no answer. But, what's pickelball?
  5. So terrific you live so close to the con! Sorry I don't have the funds to go to NYC. Love seeing the Youtube videos on it though. The convention center looks humongous and fun! 😃
  6. I don't follow BTS, but saw on a news webpage that Jin of BTS will be an Olympic torch bearer in Paris. The article's at: wjla.com Just scroll down their home page. I don't know if the article will still be on their homepage after today (today's 7/3/2024).
  7. Not sure of the 2 entrances, the maps don't appear yet on the webpage. Am pretty sure you can still use the Marriott to get into the WEWCC, even if you don't have a room at the hotel.
  8. The calendar for WEWCC has Otakon 2024 listed for Thursday through Saturday. I was hoping someone could notify eventsdc.com to say Otakon is for Friday through Sunday? That calendar is so handy to find events being held there. Thanks so much!
  9. Even more excellent tips! I'll be sure to add these to my list o' things to bring!
  10. Sorry about the test post above. I'd written the stuff below, then the "Submit Reply" button didn't work. I hope the board won't be gone soon! Even though it's not very active, I still really like visiting here! Excellent tips for bringing things to Otakon, Clutch! May I add, along with 2 pairs of shoes -- please have shoes that are comfortable. Lots of walking at Otakon. Binder clip, for hotel room curtains that don't close all the way and leave a gap. Just clip the curtains together. Bandaids and nail clipper (had a nail tear a little once at a show, and it got c
  11. Thought I'd miss the Inner Harbor with all the awesome things that are there. But now, I actually don't miss it too much, since the WEWCC has the metro right there which makes it so much easier to travel and visit tons of different places.
  12. Free shuttle buses replace trains between Glenmont and Takoma metro stations from: June 30 - September 1, 2024: Red Line Stations affected: Glenmont Wheaton Forest Glen Silver Spring Hopefully there won't be any more closures on the Metro. Probably a good idea to check their schedule before Otakon for any more closures or surprises. I think Otakon's webpage has metro's information, but just in case, their scheduled track work is at: wmata.com/service/track-work.cfm If the above url doesn't work, please try: wmata.com click: service
  13. This may be totally out there to post about this convention, but thought there's anime and manga regarding UFOs and ETs, so I hope it's ok to post this here. I just found out about this convention a few days ago. A lot of the speakers I've heard talk at other conventions, or know of them, and they're tops in their field: George Noory, Richard Dolan, Whitley Strieber, Travis Walton, Dannion Brinkley, are a few of them. The convention's called: Contact in the Desert Url: contactinthedesert.com Dates: May 30 - June 3, 2024 in California. They'll livestream it for a fract
  14. Anything that can be done Matt will be greatly appreciated! There'll probably be some people that will give up, rather than wait it out.
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