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  1. Nausicaa is excellent! I'm hoping to see that and Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle (and hopefully the others too). I found out about anime after seeing Howl's Moving Castle. Wow -- until then didn't know there was this whole other universe called anime.
  2. Some Studio Ghibli films are going to show nationwide (in the USA) on certain dates, spanning from June to November 2017. If you're interested, please go to: geekdad.com Scroll down and click on "Geek Dad Proudly Announces: Studio Ghibli Fest 2017." Scroll down again and click on the movie titles. That'll take you to where you can type in your zip code and see if there's a movie theater near you. They say Sunday shows are in English. Monday shows are in Japanese (with English subtitles).
  3. Thanks for posting this Aresef! I didn't know about it. Definitely feels safer with bag checks! Funny how people react differently to bag checks -- while waiting in line once, a lady put her arms up over her head and said to the guards, "I wanna be frisked!" That was funny.
  4. Just FYI, if anyone's using the subway for Awesome Con -- they'll be single tracking between National Airport and Braddock Road stations. At least the stations aren't closed. But you might want to schedule extra time for the single tracking. To see any updates/changes, please see: wmata.com, click: "Service," click: "Upcoming Track Work," and scroll down.
  5. Not sure if this will fit anyone's schedule, but National Airport has multi-day parking (and of course, single day parking). And there's a subway station right there at the airport, officially called, "Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport." The airport's webpage: flyreagan.com. The airport subway is on the yellow and blue lines. The Washington Convention Center's subway station "Mt. Vernon Square," is on the yellow and green lines. So, from the airport, the yellow line takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the Convention Center. Map of the subway: wmata.com, click: "Schedules and Maps," scroll down and under the title "Rail Maps" click "Color." The window that pops up is really small in the upper left corner of the screen (at least on the computer I'm on), so you have to "drag" it out, to make it bigger.
  6. Sorry about not seeing "Still Alive" already on the list. Guess I need stronger glasses. Just another suggestion: The Power of Love (from the movie Back To The Future). Thanks too for listing the older songs -- especially "Hooked on a Feeling" and "Mahna Mahna" -- love those! I suppose The Witch Doctor (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) is too er, young or silly, for Otakon, but thought I'd still suggest it.
  7. Sold out within minutes!!! Holy cow!!! Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory's episode where all 4 guys are in a living room, furiously hitting buttons on their laptops, trying to get tickets to comic con. REALLY so glad you'll be able to go all 4 days!!!
  8. Hope I catch some of the songs RavenNinja -- haven't heard some of those in ages! And just a few suggestions: Portal's "Still Alive" (not sure of a link, but you can catch it at Youtube, search: portal still alive hd) Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison Someone in the Crowd (from the movie La La Land) Another Day of Sun (from the movie La La Land (in fact, ANY song from La La Land's soundtrack))
  9. $195 + taxes and fees -- yuck! But at least you'll get in all 4 days. Reading NYCC's website -- seems like we need a college degree to figure out all the different ticket regulations and prices. lol. Gosh, some cons are really making skid marks on our paychecks! Awesome Con is FINALLY having Stan Lee, but to get a premium package deal for him, it costs $350.00, PLUS, to have bagels and coffee with Stan it's an extra $295.00 (for both deals you need a "separate admission still required"). Another guest at Awesome Con, David Tennant, from Dr. Who -- to get a package deal VIP badge for him, it's 400.00, I think. At least you can still see these fellas with just a general admission ticket, but those other prices -- good grief! At least I was able to get a regular (cheaper) VIP badge. Last year the dealer's room had such a great atmosphere, I didn't want to leave it, and ended up missing a lot of stars' talks. This year, hopefully I'll be able to remember to look at the program more often. Thank goodness there's usually just one price for anime cons. Have a fantastic time at NYCC Daniel!
  10. Yeah, maybe someone from Destination DC will look like an anime character for a few seconds with big eyes and a big shout! lol. Am so glad for the article -- maybe someone who didn't know about Otakon will attend and have an awesome time. I didn't know about anime cons until reading about Katsucon in the Washington Post ages ago -- am sooooooo grateful for that!
  11. Last June, there were both gender neutral and regular restrooms in the big Halls (A-C ?). The gender neutral one had a permanent sign (not temporary). The rest of the convention center that I saw just had regular restrooms. But of course, I didn't see the entire place, so hopefully they have more gender neutral restrooms by now.
  12. The metro would be great, imho. But if anyone's walking for a while to the convention center, you might want to ask the folks at "trip advisor" if the route is safe or not (and/or if it's better to take a bus, taxi, etc.). The people there are usually very helpful. If anyone's interested, it's at: tripadvisor.com. Click the tab: More. Click: Travel Forum. Click: United States Forums. Click: District of Columbia.
  13. (Sorry I've been absent from the boards for a while.) Those darn doors! But hey, that'd go perfectly into an anime scene -- hmmmm, which anime would be best? One Piece? Naruto? Fullmetal Alchemist? Hmmmm. I really like seeing vlogs on YouTube from cons. It probably takes a lot of effort to vlog though. I'd never have the patience -- would be too busy absorbing the things going on during the con, or would get my thumb on the lens by mistake. lol.
  14. Hey, thanks for the heads up! I've never seen May J -- it'll be terrific to attend! Plus, I love any excuse to visit the Kennedy Center -- that place is gorgeous. And it's so easy to get there, with their free shuttle from the subway. Thanks again!
  15. Am not sure if this is advertised much, so thought maybe some folks here might be interested? A bunch of Studio Ghibli's films will be shown at the Bethesda Row movie theater, on Woodmont Avenue, in Bethesda, Maryland, (near the Barnes and Noble), on the weekends beginning this Saturday (3/11/17) through April, 2017. They'll also be shown at the E Street Cinema and the West End Cinema, both in Washington, DC (I didn't note the dates for the Washington, DC theaters -- sorry about that). Some movies will be dubbed in English, but most will be in Japanese with subtitles in English. They are: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Howl's Moving Castle Porco Rosso The Wind Rises Castle in the Sky My Neighbor Totoro Pom Poko Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Kiki's Delivery Service Princess Mononoke Only Yesterday Spirited Away Typing out the long theater urls to include in this post didn't seem to work. So, I suppose going to the different movie theaters' webpages will have the info. But if not, you can find links to all three theaters at the Bethesda Row webpage. Please google: bethesda row cinema Once you're on the Bethesda Row webpage, please scroll down and you'll see the Studio Ghibli links for all three theaters. Sorry about the extra long way to get to the webpages.