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  1. EdKitten

    Where is Parking?

    Awesome! It's so much easier getting around via metro. And Union Station is a great place, because it's like a mall, with lots of restaurants on each level, especially the food court on the lower level. Walgreen's is also located on the lower level, next to the food court (very handy for supplies). I won't bore you with a monotonously long post like last year. But the comic book store isn't there anymore. They do have a small used book store on the top floor called Carpe Librum -- which also has a very small selection of mangas, like maybe 10 of them (a few of those are "Negima"). They also have a small selection of CDs and DVDs (am not sure if any are anime related or not).
  2. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    Thanks for your post -- that makes perfect sense. I wasn't aware of the twitter posts. You know, even though we probably don't see things the same on some issues, thank you for the advice about what to do if there's ever an encounter between the groups or one-on-one. That's good advice. It's hard as h*** not to fight back once you've been hit, but legally it's good advice, as you and some others have mentioned here.
  3. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    Well, he knows now. It won't take much to figure out how to spell it. Why did you tell him about Otakon? I do agree with a lot of what you said in your posts, and I think you have good intentions. And of course, Otakon's not a secret. But why did you mention Otakon at all, instead of maybe just talking about other peoples' conventions in general? Just curious.
  4. EdKitten

    Just A Tidbit

    The WEWCC's homepage shows a pic of some people at a vendor table at Otakon. url: dcconvention.com
  5. EdKitten

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    Thanks for posting these -- they're a lot of fun to watch and packed with info!
  6. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    You know after posting, I wondered if you meant a different rally -- sorry about the mix up, thinking it was for the August rally. Where's my brain? But sure is great to know about the police presence!
  7. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    So great to know this! Thanks for keeping us informed! Do the emails include any areas to avoid near the WEWCC or hotels or anything nearby the convention center? If you're not allowed to talk about the email contents, I understand and apologize for the question. Stay safe!
  8. Gosh, I posted under the "White civil rights rally" thread before reading this one. Can someone please remind me why the entrance by the Metro can't be used for registration? At another expo, they did use the rooms next to the Metro entrance, and those were HUGE rooms. One huge room was used for bag inspection, and across the hall from it was another huge room used for registration. They had a ton of people in the rooms and it worked out fine.
  9. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    You're right! I forgot about those emergency alarms. Thanks for posting this.
  10. EdKitten

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    I definitely understand everyone's fears and concerns about the rally. There've been similar times I was on the subway near an event like that, and nothing ever happened. I'd see some people from those events waiting for the subway train, but nothing happened, so it ended up I was worried for nothing. I know that doesn't mean everything's peachy-keen all the time. But DC is a big place. In all probability, no one will encounter any of the civil rights people, unless you specifically go to Lafayette Park and the hotels and places surrounding that area. Except maybe on the subway, like others here have said. With Otakon filling all of the hotels nearby (I think), the area around the WEWCC should probably be free of any of the rally people. Though it's nice to know Otakon staff are aware of this (and maybe will hire more security, if they can, for Otakon?). Like others here have mentioned, it's a good guess there'll be much more of a police presence around the rally. It'd be really surprising if they didn't, considering what's happened at their other rallies and the news. For riding the subway, if you feel uneasy about all this, just ride the first car in the train where the conductor is. If something illegal's gonna happen, it probably won't be in the part of the train where the conductor is. And if anything does happen, just yell/scream loud enough and the conductor will hear you. There's been just a few times I've left the subway car I was in and walked into the next one, because of something that irked me about some passengers (usually just people acting strangely, or kids running/jumping most everywhere), but that's very few times considering I've been riding the subway since 1986. Just trying to give people a perspective. And similarly to what Potchari said, even if someone does something to you where you're totally justified in yelling or cursing (or other stuff) back at them, just remember they're trying to get on your nerves, they're trying to get you angry, so please fight your instincts and just move to another car in the train. Don't let them ruin your day just because they're a*******. (Of course, it usually takes about half a day of yelling at them in my mind, thinking of the perfect thing I could have said, before my mind settles down, but that's beside the point. ) But really, in all probability, you'll have a great time at Otakon. And they'll be PLENTY of people around you most of the time, and most people are really helpful if you need anything. So, be aware of your surroundings, but please don't let the rally overshadow your fun at Otakon. Chances are, the rally group will be far from us. And if you spend all weekend worried about it, and nothing bad happens, then you'll finish Otakon without having the fun you could have had.
  11. EdKitten

    Attending Anime Boston for the first time

    So terrific you're going to Anime Boston! The people on tripadvisor.com are usually pretty friendly -- you might get some info there. You can also ask if an area is safe or not (like where your hotel is). If you're interested, on the homepage, click "..." (to the right of "Things To Do"), then click "Travel Forum," then click "USA Forums," then click "Massachusetts." Sorry about all that clicking. Have a blast at Anime Boston!
  12. I sure do miss all the goodies at the Inner Harbor, but all the spacious elbow-room at the WEWCC is terrific. Too bad we can't meld the two together.
  13. Program schedule looks really interesting, emphasizing entrepreneurs. Thought maybe some Otakon people might be interested in attending. Their website: womenempowerx.com/washingtondc/ Their FAQ says guys are welcome to attend too!
  14. Thanks for the turnstile explanation! "Bigger by half" was because there were always a lot more people around during AC.