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  1. Registration: $55 Hotel: $100 Transportation: $80 [$50 (gas), $20 (tolls), $10 (parking, bus)] Food: $50 (I lived on bagels at the con and $20 of the Hotel fee went to a group stockpile of food) Dealers Room: $167 Cosplay: ...At this point I don't even want to know. Total: $452, not counting cosplay. That's more than I ever wanted to spend, and hopefully next year I won't go a little crazy and buy a Zero cosplay for $107. Time to work some more hours at the frame shop @_@.
  2. At this point I have way too many ideas for cosplay for Otakon 2009... and only three days worth of time to wear them in! My friends are planning on doing a Tales of the Abyss group cosplay, and unfortunately being the absolute shortest of the group, they're going to force me to wear a pink wig and run around in thigh high boots and a skirt... yeah, really looking forward to that. -Medusa (Soul Eater) -Ashura (Soul Eater) -Dist the Rose (Tales of the Abyss) -Arietta the Wild (Tales of the Abyss [God-Generals group cosplay]) -DORUmon (Digimon) -Kurata (Digimon) -Marluxia, Chibi
  3. Thus far I've made all of my costumes, although at this point, it might have just been cheaper to buy the costume pieces myself, especially with the way I spend far more time fighting with my sewing machine to work than I actually do working on the costume. Not to mention that I end up destroying/wasting quite a bit of the supplies by messing up anyway.
  4. I'll be the same thing I was last year: Sasori of the Akatsuki from Naruto. For 2007, I wanted a cheap costume I could make quickly and wouldn't cost too much... and one of my friends was going as Itachi, so I figured "black cloak, red clouds, cheap" and that was that. I didn't even wear the rest of the character's usual clothing under it. Just a t-shirt and shorts. This year, however, I'm going to make it as accurate as possible. I'm redoing all the clouds with heat-n-bond and better stitching, accurate hair color, and possibly dragging a puppet along with me, specially designed to fold
  5. I was the driver for my group of friends. From Southeast Pennsylvania down I-95 Thursday afternoon. They were doing road construction, so the road was REALLY torn up, plus it rained, and my car overheated as we got to Baltimore. The ride back was worse. Apparently a hose connected to the radiator started leaking. We managed to find a repair shop at the Sunoco at a rest stop on the way back. For 2008, we're doing the same exact thing, and instead of rooming at a hotel, we're staying at a friend's place instead.
  6. I'd make a full-size Hiruko puppet to go with my Sasori costume. I was actually planning to make something like it... basically some PVC pipe, wheels and a basket to throw my crap in, and I'd pull it around by a leash... with with an unlimited budget, I'd make it fully functional! Another I'd love to do would be a full-body DORUmon costume with blinking eyes and a workable tail. Of course, I'd probably have a heat stroke in that thing.
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