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  1. That's what I was thinking when I saw this. But hey, maybe at least for Otakon Uber would be up for a badge discount? Either way, it's stuff like this why I'm glad I get a hotel room. Who wants to deal with transportation concerns after a long day of having fun at the convention??
  2. Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. She's certainly not gonna show at Otakon if it's just assumed she'd rather go to Bronycon and doesn't even get a choice. She has one major role on MLP right now, but she's done a TON of voices for anime. Job interview advice applies: Put yourself out there as an option and let them be the one to say no.
  3. As an older fan, I wouldn't say no to seeing some of the older voice actors get invitations to attend. I have nothing against the current crowd, but sometimes it's hard to get excited about voice actors for new anime that I don't have as much time to keep up with. The new Escaflowne dub premiere made me think of it, but maybe Kelly Sheridan and Kirby Morrow could be invited, since they played off of each others' character in so many series (to include Escaflowne). I'd also love to see Scott McNeil, Justin Cook, Mary Elizabeth Glynn, Jerry Jewell, Cynthia Cranz, or Richard Ian Cox. I have such good memories and love for the older series that they featured in. Some of them are still doing voice work, and some have moved onto doing production work. Either way, there's plenty they can do at a panel, and it'd be nice to see some faces from anime years past.