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  1. Hotels

    I agree. I like that people were restricted on how many rooms they could book in one go. That was an improvement over past years, IMO. I stayed at the Renaissance last year and can vouche. The guest relations were above and beyond considering it was Otakon's first year in DC. The staff were on top of keeping check-in flowing so we weren't waiting around forever, and the decorations and anime shirts for staff and everything made the hotel feel extremely welcoming. I ideally needed a double for my group, but a single in a welcoming hotel isn't going to cut into the weekend enjoyment too much.
  2. Hotels

    Was there no way to divvy up staff rooms between singles and doubles so that attendees could have a chance at the doubles? Or were there just that many staff rooms moved to the Renaissance? I can only speak for myself, but I looked at the calendar and saw immediately why you didn't give us two weeks: because it would land squarely in the middle of holidays. But again speaking for myself as a suggestion going forward, I think the better option would have been to just wait until January. We've already waited this long, some of us quite patient without nagging you guys too much, so to suddenly have all that patience essentially wasted because you rushed to get the block open was like a slap in the face. Even if it's not Christmas week, people are already distracted with holiday prep; people are already away from their computers. Saying "We're opening the first ____ of January" would have given people plenty of time to find out, to schedule themselves time at a computer, and would have been past any holiday distractions. Having already waited months, I personally would've preferred just waiting an additional few weeks so I could be ready rather than what actually happened, which was seeing they were open by sheer chance and then rushing to grab something. It was not a pleasant experience. If you're open to feedback, then mine is that should these circumstances happen again, choose to give us the proper notice rather than rush to get things out. We waited this long, we can wait a little longer. Plus, it gives you guys more flexibility in your schedules around the holidays as well.
  3. Hotels

    So here's a thing... Apparently you need to adjust your guest count to make certain hotels appear in the listings. Just for kicks, I adjusted my guest-per-room count from 3 down to 2, and suddenly the Renaissance (along with others) appeared back in the listings as available! (Needless to say I booked, and my day is much improved over yesterday.) Hope this helps someone grab a hotel they might have previously missed out on. Cheers, peeps!
  4. Hotels

    Hey, it's not your fault. I didn't end up too much further out, but it's just really frustrating. It's not like I wasn't staying on top of this, doing my own due diligence. This release feels rushed from "We're almost ready" to very suddenly "THEY'RE OPEN, GO GO GO!" We've waited months already. Giving us a solid 2 weeks - 1 week even - heads up so people can have time to find out and get prepared isn't asking that much more of us. Probably would've given staff time to get whatever that link issue was worked out too, get all their ducks in a row before setting people loose on the hotels. Could have saved me from having to explain to my friends why we now have to walk an extra block through the sweltering August heat in full cosplay. I'm just really annoyed by how the hotel issue was fumbled right at the end and I ended up getting affected by it.
  5. Hotels

    Wow, what happened to "We'll give people plenty of warning"? You gave all of 3-4 days warning. I'm so glad I spent months checking diligently each week just to be screwed over on hotel choice because I wasn't checking each day.
  6. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    It's okay. We're just having a discussion. I think the "tradeshow" thing you're mentioning might be less to do with a comic book convention feeling, and more so with NYCC being a very industry-heavy convention. I've been to BaltComicCon and it felt just like a more comic book-y version of Otakon.
  7. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Video games are not anime though. They're as different from anime as comic books are. Sounds like you just don't like comic books, which is fine, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with some of those things blending into an anime convention in the same way you're okay with video games blending in. You can't pick and choose which non-anime things are "acceptable" based only on your own preferences. We're all just there to enjoy something we love; you shouldn't get so hung up on calling people ignorant just because they lean toward a different sub-category of geekdom than you. And as for tradeshow aspect...have you been to the dealer's room at Otakon? They all feel like that to varying degrees.
  8. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Sorry, what exactly are you agreeing with? Because they were agreeing that your statement about how much you dislike anime and comic cons being compared seemed odd.
  9. Hotels

    I think it's less about the date than it is about the habit. I know at least for myself, I'm used to the blocks opening up at a certain time. I go in, I book my room, task complete. But having this unusually long wait creates a bit of anxiety for me because of the broken habit, because I'm easily sidetracked. "What if I let it slip my mind and I miss the block opening? Better make sure I check every couple days at minimum to make sure I don't miss anything!" Checking in becomes like a obsession rather than a task. And yeah, I trust Staff to give us enough heads up that people who choose to be will be ready, but that's kind of not the point. The point is, people aren't freaking out about the delay in booking so much as the break in a 10+ year pattern has just thrown people for a loop. It's literally the situation with the ants from A Bug's Life. And that's why we rely on Staff to get us around the leaf.
  10. Hotels

    Sooooo...a month later. Any news on the hotel booking front?
  11. Hotels

    Same! The Renaissance felt really welcoming to Otakon, a good enough experience to forego the tunnel convenience. That said, I'm starting to get a little impatient about how long it's taking for the hotel blocks to open up. I keep checking every day and nothing. I'm surprised at how long it's taking!
  12. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    But...they're basically exactly the same, just covering different interest areas. You still have panels and costumes and merch and guests. Why do you hate the the comparison?
  13. Otakon 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    You don't just toss in metal detectors to placate con-goers. Everything has a price tag attached to it. The more hardware you bring in, the greater the chance of ticket prices needing to go up. People are only whinging about the superficiality of bag checks because most people don't understand the background information for why they're occurring. The cheapest and easiest option of them all is to just explain why they're happening the way they're happening. And even not doing that, they're simply new. With each passing year that they occur, more and more people will simply look at it as part of the Otakon entry experience and stop thinking much about it too much. (Hell, I wasn't even thinking about it that hard by Sunday.) It was new and slightly unclear about what it was for, and that's why it caused so much buzz. Not everything needs a tangible reaction just to placate con-goers being distracted by something. Sometimes all you need is to get past the adjustment period. Except you aren't really responding to the criticisms. You seem to just be dismissing them as "here's why you just haven't thought my idea all the way through and that's why you don't see that it's the perfect solution". Perhaps that's not how you intend to come off, but there's certainly an air of that in your responses. You don't seem to be really considering the alternative suggestions that are being made. @DeathJester's idea about limited pre-lines is a great compromise that gives you what you want without putting a strain on limited staffing resources to manage and transport huge lines. Perhaps it was not obvious that I was using the general "you", attempting to express that oh-so-common reaction pattern wherein someone says they're okay with individual responsibility right up until they're the individual responsible. Maybe it's you, maybe it's someone else, but inevitably someone will not hear something over that excited Otakon chatter and then days are ruined, staff has to hear the complaints, etc etc. As it is, you say you advocate individual responsibility, yet you're trying to place all the effort on staff's end simply because you don't want to wander for a few extra hours or watch the clock to arrive when they officially open the line. You appear to want them to cater wholly to your preferred experience, so it doesn't exactly line up with the attitude of pro-"individual responsibility". You say it's important to consider how things could go wrong. Well, it's not just procedural things that need to be considered. It's human reactions as well. Otakon isn't just about organizing panels and lines and dances. It's about predicting how attendees will move and act. Staff has experience in this from many past conventions so, you know, maybe trust that their answer isn't baseless when they tell you something isn't currently a good solution.
  14. Otakon 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    And they're asking you not fill be in that space, not to fill it in anyways to try and force your own preferred autograph experience. This isn't staff being unreasonable. Being in that space regardless of their instruction is just blatantly ignoring their requests which is not cool. Right up until it's you who missed the call and then suddenly I bet it would be someone else's fault, be it staff or another attendee. Just because it's not your solution, doesn't mean it's not a valid one. I'm sorry, but I'm reading through your comments and you're finding fault with every explanation and possible solution except your own. Every compromise someone offers falls short in your eyes. I understand that your main concern is getting that autograph, but you'll just need to accept that right now Otakon doesn't want to devote endless amounts of their staffing and space resources to creating and managing a space for you to sit around 4 hours early. We might have the physical space available for people to line up elsewhere, but they've repeatedly mentioned how staff is limited so they have to be pragmatic about their usage and placement. Someday that might change, but for now it is what it is. Several people have offered good compromises, and you even acknowledge yourself that staff can't be everywhere. Until something changes, we should look for a compromise solution to the autograph line problem that helps everyone a little rather than placing all the burden on one side. It's about costumes that have metal components, not fit. And if you don't even think they'd be helpful, then what is the point of suggesting them? Yes, that's accurate. The Otakon staff is not trained to look for fake IDs, so they use a 3rd-party service.
  15. Otakon 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    This seems like it could be a good potential compromise, perhaps worth some refining to determine efficiency/feasibility.