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    City Line Ave -Philadelphia, PA!!
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    Well, I live in Philly right off of City Line Ave with my Cat Mr. Jibs. I have a great girlfriend. I love spinnin records, going to Punk/Ska Concerts, ANIME!!, chillin with all of my friends, writing music, drawing, cooking, exercizing , playing guitar, drinkin , bartending, meeting new people and making new friends :) I also host a punk/ska monthly at the skoolhouse in philly. For a job, I work for Fred Beans in Doylestown as a service BDC manager. Besides all of that I feel pretty great and Life is good. =^.^=

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  1. TROGDOR!!! BURNING THE COUNTRY SIDE!! lol very nice. Im Scottie btw

  2. my first otakon member friend! Yay!! :) Im Scottie, nice to meet ya

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