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  1. that's right. I LOVE me some Stocking

  2. Panty and Stocking FTW. xD

  3. -Personal Stats- Name or Alias:: Yuki nakahara Age:: 16 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con?:: Not really if I got enough sleep the day before Drink or smoke:: No Tell us about yourself: Well i'm just a young otaku this will be my second otakon I plan on cosplayling a few charecters but that will be a surprise -Convention Stats- will edit*
  4. I think there should be anime not well known to some like Neo Angelique and others that haven't really been introduced to america.
  5. I only live like 5 miles from the BCC but I do agree I like the idea. walking OUT the door of the BCC is long enough then walk all the way to resturant is tiring then walk all the back thats too much exercise! But since they have this its awsome and free I like.
  6. This was my first otakon and had only 3 weeks to prepare! but this time I have 9 months to go i plan on getting a summer job and "try" to make my first costume ever i never have but if anyone has any tips i'd love the help
  7. Um well I was in the game room waitimjg in line for naruto with my two friends. we were talking to this really cool guy and he let me use cell because I couldn't find my friend. I was wearing a white shirt with torn sleeves and had black cat ears and a little red back pack. I belive he wore a black shirt and was black ( not much help xD) i'm here and love to get your email!
  8. Seeing gaiaonline's kiki road trip..i saw lanzar woo!!!...(if you gaia my gaian is dark_light_alls)
  9. Well i was local so 65$ at con 12$ on photo suite 3$ on food and saturday 8$ 6$ on mcdonalds
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