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  1. you got the correct answer for your form of question. your question was vague so therefore the answer was vague
  2. ; Kitsu-chan! You have a fanclub. =P I sung And Forever with my friend Phil... >_> But I still can't find the video that some of our friends recorded. XD Blaaah, I can't sing slow songs.
  3. I sing every year, so I'm definitely going. =D
  4. Wow, it's private, I guess they don't want to get caught with their BS stuff.
  5. I didn't get a call from them as of yet, and now that I see how the room rates had changed drastically, I'm glad I reserved a room at the Radisson again this year. It's only $10 dollars more than last year, but still waaaaay cheaper.
  6. xD Days Inn is probably sold out already...I've been near my phone for the longest, so I'm glad I reserved for the Radisson this year again.
  7. If that's the case, people probably called everyday and started booking a room. I'm still on a waiting list for Days Inn. Has anyone else been put on the list?
  8. If anyone doesn't know already, anyone who tried to reserve a room at Days Inn are put on a waiting list. It's a small list, but either way... They said they'd call when the room is available. Anyone else sign up?
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