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  1. Not many caught my hard gay otakon 2007 video at this past otakon08 I think there were a total of like 200 people in the ginormous video room towards the end.
  2. I like the fact there aren't any consequences for booking a room until, until a week or so before the con. I prefer lower prices at the cost of "guessing", I suppose you could call it, if I will be attending the con or not.
  3. Place I stayed: Courtyard by the Marriott Number of people in room: 5 Hotel Staff: Gave us whatever we asked, no complaints here Walk to the con center: about 20 minutes Good: Not much. We were VERY loud at night. I think the walls are super thick. They did have a microwave and fridge. Bad: Got it last minute as the only thing available. Very far from the con. Just the distance killed it for me, as we got the Tremont last year it was very comfortable and a decent 10-12 minute walk. Better for 4 max, 3 comfortably. Only one room with the bathroom. Tiny. Do it again
  4. FYI: Days Inn is available I just booked two rooms for four people.
  5. I just called. The only hotel the rep said they expect to sign up soon was the Days Inn. However no actual date time they would appear on the site. Also, she didn't hear about someone bulk reserving rooms.
  6. How do some of you spend so much money?? It's been a tradition now to bring a cooler (full of groceries bought at home), a grill, and rice cooker. We splurged this year since we got a far hotel, but hope to prevent that from happening next year. Hotel: 150 Gas/Parking: 20 (From South Jersey) Badge: 55 Food: 10 + 25 (eating out) Dealer Room: 16
  7. I booked on impulse the Holiday Inn last night. Anyone know if these are transferable to other people in case I change my mind? I'm kind of considering getting something a little better..
  8. Sort of OT, but does the Days Inn offer a fridge? I stayed at the Tremont this year, very nice rooms, but sort of far. And I noticed its a flat rate usually, what rooms do they offer? 2 doubles? 1 queen?
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