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  1. Congrats on the job! Yeah it's hard to get something, but it's definitely easier if you have some sort of education/degree/certification. Anyone want to hire a self-taught computer techie, with experience in Linux, some HTML coding (by hand, the only way), and wired/wireless networking...? Lol.
  2. I'm also unemployed, and starting school as well. ><;; And my Otakon spending hit me harder than it ever should've.
  3. I preregistered at Otakon, this'll be my first time attending. Hopefully I can whip up something to cosplay as between now and then.
  4. I definitely got hit by the PCD this year, but it was a bit overshadowed by the Ota-Cold I came down with, which I'm still getting over. ><;; Now to save up for next year's Otakon, and whatever cons are before then (Katsucon, etc.).
  5. I didn't have a whole lot of money to buy stuff, but I got... TH7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power TH10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody IOSYS - Gossun Remix Ein and Zwai (sic) JAM Project CD and Shirt Otakon 2008 Shirt Some Spice and Wolf doujinshi for a friend And a little chibi fox sticker (free for a dollar? I can't complain though)
  6. Ah sorry about that. ><;; Anyway, I forgot to mention. There were some Katsucon staffers behind me in the concert line, heckling Otakon staffers. Generally about "lines" and not knowing anything about them.
  7. WTB Officially-sanctioned impromptu song-and-dance performances by Ghostbuster Gus, PST!
  8. Momiji

    What happened?

    Geez =( Oh well, would've been cool to see anyway.
  9. Momiji

    What happened?

    There was a guy up on the podium acting like it was his panel, and saying a bunch of crap to people. It was hard to follow what he was ranting about... something about older people influencing younger people in bad way or something, and not telling people what the panel was about. After awhile he was kicked out and the room closed until the Gundam panel.
  10. Momiji

    What happened?

    What the heck happened with the Touhou panel? After that guy made a fool of himself in the panel (and given a swift kick by Otakon staff), I asked around and no one seemed to know. One person said it was rescheduled earlier in the day, but I didn't see anything on the rescheduling board. And the QA table didn't know anything either. So anyway, what happened? I was definitely hoping not too miss this. =)
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