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  1. Hotels

    For the one above, the hotel team checked in with Experient and they confirmed that the site is correctly redirecting you back to the booking page. This may have been an error, prior to making that particular change but if anyone notices an issue, please do let us know!
  2. Hotels

    Thank you for the suggestion and as I said previously, we do take member feedback seriously. Without our members, we wouldn't be able to do this. On the hotels opening, I will forward this onto the hotel team and I can certainly understand what you're saying. I do hope you can see our side, as well. At times it can be like walking a tight-rope, without a net, and we have to make the best decision we can; taking into account the holidays, web team availability, Experient, etc. So maybe it's more like a puzzle and we need to make sure all of the pieces fit so you get the right picture. We certainly didn't want to make anyone feel left out or like they missed out on an opportunity. I would also highly encourage folks who may have not have gotten their chosen hotel to utilize the waitlist, if it's available for the hotel you are requesting. People always have unexpected things come up and it's very possible that you may get a chance to book at the location you had originally hoped/planned for.
  3. Hotels

    I'm really sorry I'm just seeing this today! I've been trying to help out as much as possible and had to take care of my kids. I will certainly have our hotel team forward this to Experient and have them make sure everything is working properly. I apologize for the quick responses coming back to back :-)
  4. Hotels

    Unfortunately, there is no way for Otakon to ensure roll-aways as they are typically first come, first served and they typically always have a limited amount available. I would contact your hotel (or Experient) and see if a note can be added to your account and then I would potentially either call the hotel a few days ahead of time and also ask the front desk at the time of your check-in.
  5. Waitlist question

    Unfortunately, there really isn't a definite timeline, per-say, as it depends on someone cancelling a room or a room becoming available. It may also depend on how many people are on the waitlist before you. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to Experient and they will be able to help you out :-)
  6. Hotels

    Actually, this is the case; maybe you should try detective work on the side ;-) . In order to open up some additional rooms at the Marquis, we did move some of our staff and vendors over to the Renaissance. In regards to the 2/transaction: When you confirmed your rooms, it did grey out the search option - as you could only buy 2 rooms/transaction. Once your transaction was/is complete, it took you back to the Otakon.org website though we have now changed it so it takes you back to the booking website as we know a number of people may interested in booking more than 2 rooms. We sincerely apologize for the issue with the link we had posted. It seems that somehow, the end of the link had gotten cut off and that is what caused part of the error. We found it almost immediately and our awesome web team had it fixed almost as soon as they were notified of the issue. We are all volunteers - some people etching out time in their schedule to get to a computer - to make this happen and we certainly understand the frustration. We know you make special arrangements to make time in your day for this and our members are important and please know that we are taking your feedback seriously. As for the notification: we know the frustration over the rooming block not being available was building and as soon as our hotel team had everything finalized, we wanted to make the announcement as soon as we could and to have the room block open relatively quickly after that. If we had made the announcement on the 8th, opening it 2 weeks later would have put us nearly at Christmas and people would have been away from their computer - traveling, finalizing things at work, etc. and that would have led to additional stress for our members. It's a balancing act, for sure, and we didn't want to delay things further if we did not have to do so. If you have hotel-specific questions or booking questions, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Experient as they will be able to help you out. Their contact information can be found at the bottom of the page, here: https://registration.experientevent.com/Showota181/flow/att#/registrant//Dashboard/
  7. Hotels

    Great question. You know how concerts sell out in seconds; even when you're on the website early and start trying to buy tickets as soon as it opens? This is sort of what happens with hotel rooms and previously, you could book as many rooms at once as you wanted in one transaction. Seeing this, we wanted to try and give everyone a fair shot so you can book 2 rooms at a time and you can then go back and book another 1-2 rooms, etc. You can still book multiple rooms but you can only book 2 rooms in one transaction. This is also why we made the announcement today, on the 8th, so that everyone would have a few days to talk over their plans with friends and figure out what they would like to do, prior to the block opening on the 12th. Let us know if you have additional questions.
  8. Hotels

    I can certainly understand the frustration; I'm a big proponent of communication. Sometimes, with an all-volunteer organization, people can get busy with their day jobs and lives outside of the convention and that's certainly no excuse, just one example of something that can happen. In regards to the hotels; as with anything new - even moving to a new house or getting a new car - things can come up that you may not expect or be able to plan for. We have had some moving pains and have been working diligently to help make sure things are smooth for 2018 and that the blocks are set up, etc. It certainly wasn't our intention to be 4 months out and not have the block open but the fantastic news is that we just announced the block will open on Tuesday, December 12th at noon. The poster above me beat me to it! And I thought I was being fast.... We really do appreciate you guys and your patience and even your questions!!
  9. Hotels

    You can rest assured that we will make an announcement, prior to opening the hotel block, so that everyone has time to gather information and to prepare. In moving to a new city with new hotels there have been some unexpected items to work through from our first year and unfortunately, it has taken longer than anyone anticipated. We're as anxious as everyone is here to get things open and we're working our hardest to do so. I can promise you that our hotel staff is turning the wheels as hard as we can to put things in motion as we know that you all want to make your plans and take something off your plate. If you have questions about your room rate - i.e. if you booked with a hotel prior to the block opening - you can contact Experient and they should be able to help or, if they cannot, they should be able to direct you to a contact that can. Of course it is easier - though I know it's really hard right now - if you can wait for the block to open through Experient so that they are able to provide the help you're looking for and are better able to answer your questions; it also helps make sure you are getting the Otakon rate. We really do appreciate your patience in sticking with us on this!