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  1. Scrap that, I'll be showing up as Konzen. Koumyou didn't come along as planned, and I had the stuff around to do Konzen, so I did.
  2. Mezi

    Cosplay Stats

    Because of last-minute, unexpected issues, I haven't had time to finish Koumyou like I wanted. The wig came in blonder than expected (that wasn't the issue though), so instead, I started on Konzen Douji (Saiyuki Gaiden) since I had fabric - at least I'm still using the wig. All that's left at this point is the arm sleeve things, and filling the bottom of the wig in. Other than that, it's done - so I'm saying 80% finished. No props, other than Goku, but I'll just have to find one of those in-con XD
  3. My Thursday usually involves: - last minute packing (I'm such a procrastinator) - piling into the car to make a break for Baltimore (about an hour and a half to two hours for me) - depending on arrival time, either making a break for the prereg pick-up while Mom drives around the block, or dropping stuff off and walking to the BCC for it. This year, since I'm riding with someone other than Mom and we've both got gofer orientation, we're going to drop stuff off early. - heading back to hotel to either check in/finally unload, or to crash down in the hotel room. - we might have food in
  4. Mezi

    Cosplay Stats

    Koumyou Sanzo - Saiyuki number of props: 3 - the breastplate, crown and his pipe percent complete: about 60% Right now I've got it a little under 2/3rds done. Still need to do finishing things (hems and trims), add a sleeve, and do the Sutra. Pipe's not started, and the breastplate's nearly done (another coat of paint, then attach to the straps). The crown... well that's fighting the paint. I may just skip the headdress/crown, since he doesn't wear it much anyway. But the leathers are done, the arm things, most of the robe... overall, most of it's most of the way done. So just under 2
  5. I may be showing up to the third one as Koumyou, depending on how things work out between now and then. I'll probably be gofering in it on Saturday, as well, although that's not a photoshoot.
  6. I think that's a good tip for anyone. I'm 18, and have been going to Otakon since I was 11 or 12, and I always put my contact info on the back of my badge. That's just like having an In Case of Emergency card in your wallet - just a good thing to have for anyone.
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