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  1. Looking into some commission work now. But if money works out, and commission info is agreeable: This oufit from Kuroshitsuji vol. 6 of Ciel Phantomhive. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/m...CielV6Cover.jpg
  2. Old School Toonami! Sailor Moon Tenchi Muyo Ronin Warriors maybe Soul Eater?
  3. Holy Crap! You guys make umbrella's? Like Real "Otakon [insert year here]" Umbrella's?! Why wasn't I aware of this?! I so would have purchased one!
  4. keep seeing from posts on the 12th that people trying to book for the hilton weren't able to get rooms. I booked on the 13th, and it worked perfectly fine. I got my room for check in on the 16th and check out on the 20th? maybe ya'll are doing something wrong? I do agree that the bum-rush on booking is a little crazy and slightly unfar, but isn't the blame of the new booking system Otakon has in place now through the site. I think it works just fine.
  5. By all accounts, it was awesome. There was certainly a lot of interest in it -- we turned away dozens of people at the door because the room was full. I talked to the performer afterwards and he was ecstatic.
  6. Good Jesus in Heaven! Might be checking for alternatives.
  7. Anyone hae any clues about the parking for the new hilton? What are the fee's?
  8. Yeah you should, if you purchased anything from them via card. They did finally take the money out... today. Which is why I'm glad I didn't spend the money. I wasvery close to pulling half of that out to pay a bill that needs paying now. I'm very angry that it took them a week to take the money out, considering I checked in on a non-weekend night. Well, for now on I am paying rooms in cash. I usually do anyways, but I didn't stop to get the cash this year.
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