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  1. Inbetween quite a few actually, tsubasa chronicles (dont really like it but the wife does), Red Garden, Bleach, Code Geass, Moribito, Rave Master (just because), Claymore, and Baccano! Thank you netflix!!
  2. i think that would be a great idea, i love it when people do odd obscure characters instead of just the main stream ones.
  3. ok here is my go, Filler episodes in Naruto, i dont know of any anime with so many (and most of them pointless) filler episodes in history, they just suck and the animation has down graded immensely Full metal alchemist the movie, Seemed like they rushed it, wht the hell does Adolf hilter had to do with anything is beyond me and didnt need to be in the story, the worst part is that was the movies main hook and was kept a secret till a few weeks before release. I was expecting a better tie in to the epic tale not this garabage (good animation though) Just because there are some
  4. Done with comics are they now onto manga and anime. May not be a bad thing, lately, Hollywood has been doing good with the comic movies will be fun to see an actual anime come to frutation. Even though hongkong does action better then USA. anyway should be interesting to see.
  5. My girlfriend and I got one each as a sort of Sunday last-minute thing, hoping to discover some new, maybe obscure series. Although there were some interesting things (which have spurred a bit of exploration), I'd say they were not worth what we paid -- I'm no authority, but it seemed largely like stuff the vendors knew wasn't likely to sell off the shelf. A slightly broken wall hanging, a pre-opened action figure, vol. 23 of some graphic novel.... Has this been others' experience with grab bags? That said, if I could read Japanese decently enough, I'd guess the other one of the grab bags
  6. Con noob! what, where, when is Katsucon?
  7. Damn i missed that. I am an advid mecha collector and builder (though i am still a novice since i dont really paint my models, sand them down, stuff like that but i have a ton of models and action figures all mecha related.) I would of loved to have seen your panel as I am also interested in meeting others in this genre.
  8. Yeah that was pretty sweet, i didnt see it in person though, unfortunately. Its amazing, for being there for all three days how many cool cosplays i missed. then agian with attendance of 26K+ it would of been impossible to see everyone.
  9. jrosario7

    NYAF - Otakon

    So its probably only worth it to go one day and not the whole weekend. The flyer and site makes one think there there will be a lot going on this year, however.
  10. Yea there was quite a few chars i didnt recognize but then again theres a lot of anime i haven't seen either. Also, i think some people dressed up just for the sake of dressing up. (like the three rave/goth girls i saw with gas masks on or was i mistaken?)
  11. jrosario7

    NYAF - Otakon

    So has anyone been to NYAF. Is it worth it. It seems like it is a smaller event with less things to do even though the flyer says otherwise. You would think there would be a bigger crowd in the big apple though.
  12. Yeah i felt it for about a week. Constatnly looking at pictures, and even got me to join this fourm. I tell you it really ramped up my anime obession by at least 100%!! I am higly considering going to the nyanimefestival. Anyone else planning on attending that!
  13. Yeah i thought he was pretty witty myself not sure if all of his material was written for him but he was better then most of the skits. Seems like a really cool guy.
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