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  1. your username reminds me of Pluto Nash. lol

  2. 2008 or not i still wanna see lucky star girls :3
  3. aww thats awesome that you are going to cosplay you will have to let me know what you are going to be so I can look for you LOL!!

  4. awesome hahah i can't wait for this summer too i'm gonna try to actually cosplay this year lol that should be interesting

  5. me too I had soo much fun I cannot wait until this years LOL of course I am going this year now I am hooked LOL!! I am so excited for this summer!!!

  6. it was really awesome lol best one yet, how did you like it? are you going again this year?

  7. hey how did you like Otakon 2009... I never got a chance to ask you???!!

  8. http://news.monsterlittle.com/wp-content/u...lush-toys-1.jpg
  9. i might as well copy and paste from that other thread :3 Name: dan Age: 28 Male or Female: male Do you need sleep at a con? yes unfortunately Drink or smoke: drink rarely, smoke never Tell us about yourself: i'm from long island. i love video games, of course. i prefer rpgs, 2d fighters, and general oldschool games, i love king of fighters and street fighter, and chrono trigger is my favorite game of all time. i like some animes too, like lucky star <3. i always waste my time on the internet. i also am not the best at talking about myself, so if you want to get to know me, me
  10. oh man if you mean the silent hill panel from 2007 it was quite retarded :3
  11. i like the rave where it is now except for the small room that smells like sweat and body odor all the time :3
  12. i would like to see some of the lucky star cosplays (especially if you can actually tell who they are and they don't just look like random schoolgirls)
  13. i'm just going with my friend, i want more people to go with me :3
  14. oh and there's a male version too but it's drawn like crap http://i44.tinypic.com/2cypksn.jpg
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