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  1. Oops, got a couple song titles wrong, my bad. Otherwise I think my order is correct.
  2. The crowd got bigger towards the end. Unfortunately, remember the X-Japan fangirls who were like "JAM who?" For every hardcore, t-shirt-wearing, CD-buying otaku who knows all their songs, there's at least one if not more of those. And we were the first ever to hear the English No Border. At the panel earlier, when somebody asked about doing English versions of their songs, Fukuyama-san and Makkun face-palmed, and Dani put his head down as Kage talked about doing the song tonight. English is haaaaaaaard.
  3. Yeah, big props to all who helped pull that concert off. (Not so big props to whoever decided to stick press in the back. Yeeeeeaaaah. I passed my camera off to a friend in the third row, so I got good pics at least.) For those curious about the setlist... Rocks Crush Gear Fight No Border (English) Meikyuu No Prisoner Savior in the Dark Cha-La Head-Cha-La Yuusha-Oh Tanjou Rinbu Revolution Cry for the Earth (acoustic) Little Wing (acoustic) Fire Bomber (acoustic) We Are Hagane no Messiah Negaki no Rosario Break Out Victory Gong (encore) Soul Taker Sk
  4. Dude, now that's an otaku. Give the man a medal, or at least some swag.
  5. He kind of flew under the radar in that regard. But [runner-up] played really hard the whole game. He won those elimination challenges. And he had to put up with Meaghan the entire time. Is there a prize for that?
  6. I respectfully disagree. [Other person in finals] should have gotten it. But hey, both played very, very well. Were it not for a couple slip-ups in the final round, things would have turned out very differently.
  7. What am I doing? Waaaaaaaaay too much.
  8. Check the guest list, find stuff the guests have been involved with. Otaku in need of stuff to get autographed or just stuff they've worked on, when the dealer's room is empty or not open, will be your best friend.
  9. Holy carp there's a clip from my panel from 06 in the kid version! I'm famous! (see :15, I'm on the far left) If it weren't for the fact that I was in it, I'd like the AS one more. It's more creative. And no music (until the end for the AS one) makes it feel a little weird.
  10. Tropic Thunder sounds cool, but weren't there rumblings on here ages ago about trying to get something off the ground with Geppi's Entertainment Museum for Thursday?
  11. I find it ironic, as I and others said on the LJ posts, that your flyer is specifically anti-Otakon, yet you're here and at the con promoting yourselves. Yeeeeaaaaah.
  12. I would put it on Sunday next year. With the $25 Sunday dealie, that's when parents may be more likely to be wandering the floor.
  13. If only the DBZ movie wasn't pushed back. Of course, if I happen upon passes, heck yeah I'm going.
  14. Yeah, they keep eliminating the wrong freaking people. Olga and Mary should still be in, not Meaghan. And Wipeout, the show before it, is also awesome. Big Balls FTW.
  15. 0h, 4nd 4n07h3r 7h1n6 i h473 15 wh3n p30p|3 f33| 7h3 n33d 70 7yp3 3v3ry7h1n6 1n 1337 5p34k b3c4u53 17 m4k35 7h3m f33| c00|. Translation: Oh, and another thing I hate is when people feel the need to type everything in leet speak because it makes them feel cool.
  16. The difference is this show is on ABC.
  17. Has anybody been watching this show? It's freaking hilarious. I was watching it the other night and the team that won the week's challenge got sent to spend a night at Tokyo's Grand Hyatt, said to be one of the finest hotels in the world. They get to the presidential suite, they have a waiter and a personal chef. They're told they can order anything they want. The chick orders a pizza. Yeah. The games are so random. I've seen everything from eating mocchi balls off the tops of teammates' heads while said teammates are on a conveyor belt to clothes-changing speed runs featuring devil
  18. According to the MTA, trains to Hunt Valley will be back up and running August 3. Good news for those coming from the north. They put up the new timetables, but I haven't had the time to peruse them to see if anything else is new.
  19. Like most people, I perceive tone in online postings through sentence structure and attention to detail. if sum1 typs lyk dis i thnk thy sound liek their readin it alloud And that gives me the impression of a lack of intelligence, which may or may not be the case.
  20. Neither. I grab suction cups and scale the side of the building to get to my room. Kind of like Spider-Man with a duffel bag. ....or I just use the elevator.
  21. -Write like a madman for internship -Edit like a madman for podcast -Go to family reunion -Work a lot -Sleep? -Pack -Get equipment tested, charged, and ready to go
  22. I kind of heard about Otakon ages ago but I wasn't that into anime, so in 2004, in between a scout summer camp and flying out to LA, I hit Otakon on Sunday. And I was hooked. I kicked myself for not going to it sooner (since I'm a Baltimore native), and I later kicked myself a couple years later for not seeing L'arc. I went back in 2005, had a nice time, but like MC I spent a lot of time just wandering. In 2006, I started covering Otakon as press for my show, and that's been such a thrill. I sort of see where the staffers are coming from on that. Being able to use an event like this to make sa
  23. I'm hoping you guys bring some JAM Project, though I'll be ready with a CD just in case.
  24. Even if Otakon brought Jack Thompson, Al Kahn, William Hung, Man-Faye, and Sailor Bubba as guests, I'd still go because it was Otakon. That said, I shudder at the thought of such an event.
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