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  1. Krabstarr

    The 2018 schedule thread

    Could we get the Sub and Dub tags on all of the video listings, please?
  2. Krabstarr

    The 2018 schedule thread

    It looks like your wish is their command! The schedule has been updated with 2 new events: Hentai Theatre Friday Night and Hentai Theatre Saturday Night. 3 hours each night.
  3. Krabstarr

    The 2018 schedule thread

    It is suspicious that the "Break In Room" is listed to schedule at the same time as the autograph sessions, but if the currently available information is to be believed, that interpretation doesn't quite work. According to the Guest and Industry director AMA, the autograph sessions will be taking place along the right wall of the Dealer's Room ("I know it's different from the past but this system has the advantage of keeping autographs all in one place (the right wall of dealers room)"). According to the schedule, the Break In Room is Room 305, all the way up on the top floor by the ballroom. Having a waiting room for autographs that far away from the signature area doesn't really work. In order to work, something we have already been told would have to be wrong, and then at that point, we're just guessing.
  4. Krabstarr

    The 2018 schedule thread

    The Guest and Industry director did an AMA on Facebook earlier this evening and gave some information on the format of autograph signing sessions this year: "We'll have a larger queue and breaks into smaller queues for individual guests. This way once you get through the larger queue you can move from individual guest line to individual guest line until you are done and then you can head out. There is no perfect autograph system and each have a plus and minus but we felt this would allow people to get several autographs in a session instead just getting one. For example: Once you get through the larger queue you will go to Todd's line and then once you're through Todd's line you can instead of going back to the larger queue over to Josh or Erica's lines until you are done. I hope that came across clearly. I know it's different from the past but this system has the advantage of keeping autographs all in one place (the right wall of dealers room) and the opportunity to get multiple autographs in the same time block."
  5. Krabstarr

    Panel Room Size?

    http://www.dcconvention.com/Attachments/Convention-Center/Floorplans-Apr2011.aspx Here is the link to the floor plans of the Walter W Washington Convention Center. There are also tables with square footage and the approximate capacities of the rooms. Most rooms will likely be in a 'Theatre' configuration with the exception of workshops. While it will not likely be the true capacity when set up for Otakon, this should help give you an idea of the room capacities of each of the rooms, at least in comparison to each other. Panel 1 - Room 202AB - 8100 Sq Ft - 912 approx capacity Panel 2 - Room 207AB - 8100 Sq Ft - 912 approx capacity Panel 3 - Room 150AB - 5300 Sq Ft - 594 approx capacity Panel 4 - Room 151A - 3100 Sq Ft - 288 approx capacity Panel 5 - Room 151B - 3100 Sq Ft - 288 approx capacity Panel 6 - Room 152AB - 5300 Sq Ft - 594 approx capacity Panel 7 - Room 146C - 4200 Sq Ft - 432 approx capacity Workshop 1 - Room 143ABC - 4800 Sq Ft - 240 approx capacity? Workshop 2 - Room 140AB - 3500 Sq Ft - 200 approx capacity? Workshop 3 - Room 146A - 4200 Sq Ft - unknown capacity, as room will be used for open floor activities
  6. Krabstarr

    Mailed Badges

    Thanks for keeping us informed!
  7. Krabstarr

    Hiro's Lounge

    With Hiro's Lounge not returning to Otakon for 2018, is there any reason that can be shared with the general membership for this?
  8. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Proposed floor plan: Blue - exhibit space Purple - meeting rooms Red - Ballrooms Pink - Parking Green - Hotel space Yellow -Prefunction / Lobby Gray - Back of House / Service areas Faded colors indicate existing rooms in the old (current) west BCC, darker colors show new rooms/spaces
  9. Krabstarr

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    In what tangible way did that "not pay off for them"?
  10. Krabstarr

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    I know people keep repeating this fact in a hopeful manner, but is there any reason to actually believe they will not get a permit when the request has been approved? Isn't it just a technicality that they have not yet been issued the permit, similar to how my membership for Otakon has been approved, but my badge has not yet been issued? Is there any precedent for requests being approved, but then the permit is not issued? What might cause that to occur?
  11. Krabstarr

    Where is Parking?

    When reserving a parking spot, particularly on Spot Hero, remember that your start and end times matter. If your end time on Sunday is after your starting time on Thursday, you will be charged an extra day as you are staying there for more than 72 hours (3 full days). If you can swing it where you are coming in later in the afternoon after your expected departure time, you can save on parking. For example, the Safeway garage for 72 hours of parking is $94.50 instead of $126 which you get if you are staying more than 72 hours.
  12. Krabstarr

    Where is Parking?

    If you want to save a little extra, reserve through Spot Hero and use code STARS15 through the end of July 4th for 15% off up to $5!
  13. Krabstarr


    Crabby: "And I'll form the head!"
  14. Krabstarr

    Cosplay Guests Request

    Cosplay guests are being listed under the Otakon Matsuri track. You can see the announced guests here: https://www.otakon.com/activities/otakon-matsuri/
  15. Krabstarr

    Food establishments/entertainment

    I WAS going to suggest the Dangerously Delicious Pie Co. but apparently their 675 I St NW location closed. It is now apparently going to be Killer E.S.P. (espresso. sorbetto. pie.), so that could be interesting. The one other place of interest I ate at last year was Reren Lamen & Bar at 817 7th St NW which had a pretty good bowl of Ramen. If you're looking for something to do on Wednesday, there is the Smithsonian National Zoo. About a 30 minute metro ride+walk from the convention center area, and it's FREE!