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  1. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    As far as I know, it is not possible to access "smile" or set up donation settings via the Amazon mobile app, so anyone wishing to have donations made when shopping on mobile devices will have to go to smile.amazon.com in their browser.
  2. Hotels

    Information provided yesterday from MattTheMinion in another thread: "Yeah it's going slower than we hoped, as one of our key hotel contacts went on vacation last week. Most of the room block allocations are for where we put staff and guests and the like, so you guys won't notice much of a difference - although it may open up more rooms in some hotels. When we are ready to announce it we plan to give you some lead time to be ready."
  3. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    So only a donation of $2,500,000 to offset everyone's registration completely for the year? Any takers?
  4. Number of attendees?

    Is it "Soon" yet?
  5. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Musical Guest: Wagakki Band Rocket News article about the band in 2014 for background: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/04/11/up-and-coming-band-combines-traditional-japanese-instruments-with-pop-metal-and-awesomeness/ A blend of modern rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums) with traditional Japanese instruments such as Taiko drums, Tsugaru-Shamisen (a larger then normal Shamisen), Shakuhachi (flute), and Koto (plucked stringed instument played flat). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagakki_Band Article from Billboard Japan of their recent activities 8/18/2017: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/international/7934089/wagakki-band-new-video-first-single-watch
  6. Number of attendees?

    No, they moved to Baltimore Convention Center in 2013 and have been there since. When they moved to BCC in 2013 from Secaucus, New Jersey, they more than doubled their previous attendance from the previous year. But that was when the fandom was in full swing.
  7. Number of attendees?

    It's possible. BronyCon peaked at 10,011 in 2015 and has gone down incrementally since. The current show started in 2010, so it doesn't have the freshness that it did in past years. Also, there is probably a non-zero percent chance that some people who would have gone to BronyCon went to Otakon instead since they were the same weekend.
  8. Number of attendees?

    The official count for BronyCon, according to their Twitter account, was 6,319. That's about a 17% drop from last year.
  9. Unofficially, they had around 40,000 attendees, so yes. More than Otakon. Nevermind me, I can't find Awesomecon attendance figures for 2017. But they did have 40,000 ONE of their years, at least.
  10. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    I came here to make this very same suggestion! Having them do even a mini (like 2 hr?) Critical Role session live would be amazing!
  11. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Well? How DO you get stains out of body pillows? Asking for a friend.