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  1. I doubt I'll see it, but I'd be amused to see a group of Cheer Boys!! cosplay in their Breakers uniforms performing a cheering routine. Outfits are about $40 - $50 on eBay, if anyone wants to make my dream come true.
  2. I've been eyeing up the NOAA garage which is really close to the Metro station in Silver Spring.
  3. His follow-up single to Gangnam Style released in 2013, Gentleman, has over 1 billion views currently and, according to Wikipedia (with sources), it has set YouTube records for most views in its first 24 hours, most views in any 24 hours, fastest music video to reach 100 million views, fastest overall video to reach 200 million views and 300 million views. So it could be argued that he's already moved past being a one-hit wonder.
  4. I thought of another set of suggestions. Three weeks ago, PSY released music videos for 2 music videos on YouTube for songs from his new album 4X2=8, also released 5/10/2017. They are: PSY - New Face PSY - I LUV IT They both have over 20 million views so far. Personally, I like New Face better, but I'll let you use your discretion on which, if any, are worthy of the playlist.
  5. Good calls on Attack on Titan having a resurgence. I am personally expecting Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Kemono Friends. I didn't even think of Yuri, but that's a good call as well. What I want to see is someone cosplaying as Grape-kun the penguin carrying around a cardboard cutout of Hululu from Kemono Friends.
  6. As we get closer to Otakon 2017, what are your predictions on what will be the HOT cosplays for 2017? What new characters will be filling the halls? What old favorites will be making a comeback? Or conversely, what previously popular cosplay will be going out of vogue? Make your predictions here for glory and fame! Or for shame if you are proven wrong come August!
  7. The Touch is an excellent choice, though it will be lost on the younger attendees who haven't seen the now over 30 year old Transformers: The Movie.
  8. How about something from new nerdy Broadway favorite Hamilton? I'm not sure which song would work best for this playlist, but "My Shot" was used as the music for the AMV which won the Action category last year in the AMV contest.
  9. If attendance actually did fall to 23,000 paid attendees, that would be another 20% drop, similar to 2015. One thing I found interesting in the article is that the picture used of cosplayers was from Managua, Nicaragua in 2015. How random is that?
  10. I made a reservation which had Thursday waitlisted. About a week later, I got an email telling me that my reservation was confirmed. Now, I made my original reservation the day the hotels opened, so it's likely that someone cancelled the reservation in my hotel which they had reserved as a backup because they were able to get one they really wanted some where else. There likely isn't too much shuffling around of hotel rooms anymore, so I don't know the likelihood of you getting the room confirmed.
  11. Otakon has had Jason David Frank, so why not Austin St. John?