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  1. I'm a couple days late on this, but thank you for getting the Event Statistics page updated.
  2. Ok, I got one. For musical guest, there is an all-female Japanese brass band called MOS that puts out some sweet neo brass tunes. They can be can be seen on YouTube and TikTok https://youtu.be/CSQtFFdTMTQ https://www.tiktok.com/@mos_brass?_t=8WV7KRquVGo&_r=1
  3. Ray Chase, Max Mittelman, and Robbie Daymond, jointly of live stage show Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying (L.A.V.A.). They were very fun to watch at Otakon in 2018 and it would be awesome to see what they put on in 2023!
  4. I've seen very few people self report on Twitter that they had a positive Covid test after Otakon, though at least 2 people report that they got notice, I'm guessing via a contact tracing app, that they were exposed to Covid. There were far more people reporting negative tests. One unfortunate report was that Otakon guest Beau Billingslea had a positive Covid test on August 5th, so he encouraged everyone who had contact with him to get tested. https://twitter.com/BeauBillingslea/status/1555404822110617600?s=20&t=SCn3j9irJ_I5St-ScO9mGA
  5. Great! I just wanted to bring it up as I figured the 2021 statistics update was overlooked sometime between 2021 and 2022. Of course the current post-con activities take priority and I look forward to seeing the page updated with both years later. Thanks, as always, Matt for the response and information. Much appreciated.
  6. Oh sure, I wasn't expecting 2022 to be updated any time soon. I was asking about 2021, which is still missing! 🙂
  7. Now that we are past Otakon 2022, do you think we could get the statistics for Otakon 2021 up on the Event Statistics page? https://www.otakon.com/info/about/stats/ I don't know if this would be considered to be added to the statistics page, but I would be interested in seeing the breakdown of the number of Supporting Memberships and Trial Memberships starting with 2018.
  8. There was a staff application form on the website in the past, and it can still be found if you know how to find it. I wonder if that form actually goes anywhere if anyone would submit an application through it.
  9. Hey folks! Now that hotel reservations are open for Otakon 2022, now seems a good time to invite people to join us on the UNOFFICIAL Otakon Discord Server. https://discord.gg/rcXMdHuESE Come chat with your fellow Otakon goers, discuss your cosplans, and connect with others for rooms or rides. And, of course, talk about anime! See you there!
  10. LARP has continued, has been in the program (pg. 13 of the 2019 program, for example) and even happened this year! Otakon®: Live Action Role Playing
  11. Photoshoots (Cosplay Coordination) are scheduled based on if an attendee sign up to run one and if it got approved. The deadline for sign ups was July 8th with some final calls made after that date on Social Media made on July 15th. If a Danganronpa photo shoot is not on the schedule, it might be that no one signed up for one. https://www.otakon.com/activities/cosplay-coordination/
  12. Otakon on Instagram (otakonpics account) said on Friday the 9th that badge mailing is scheduled to begin July 12th with all badge deliveries completed by July 31.
  13. This isn't true. The Dealer Hall is open for 8 hours both Friday and Saturday. Typically 12PM to 8 PM Friday and 10AM to 6PM Saturday.
  14. If you have multiple devices, you could possibly attend both panels simultaneously! They said on the Otakon.Online announcement stream last night that there WILL be merch available!
  15. This stopped happening in the past couple years, but in the years prior to that, there would be a page on the website with information on Premieres and Special Screenings. It would be really nice if that would come back. I asked on social media this year if it would be back and got a "maybe" gif response, but nothing happened. Can we please get the Premieres and Special Screenings page back on the website to make these events more visible?
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