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  1. Krabstarr

    Otakon 2018 AMV Contest/Theater FAQ

    AMV Contest General Rules Submissions with nudity, offensive language, and/or excessive violence may be disqualified at the coordinator's discretion. The contest screening will be open to the general public, and thus the content must be appropriate for the general public. Entries disqualified under this rule will very likely not be screened at the OTAKONĀ® convention.
  2. If anyone could pull 50,000 lbs of water in a wagon, it would be him. He was JACKED!
  3. Krabstarr

    Nobuo Uematsu at Otakon

    I know that the VIP experiences on Friday and Sunday have sold out, but will Nobuo Uematsu be having a standard autograph session at any point during Otakon? Or was the VIP pass the only way to get his autograph through the VIP pass?
  4. Krabstarr

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    I'm a HUGE Final Fantasy fan and was very excited to find out that the Friday concert was Distant Worlds, but I'll be honest, I was a little concerned when I saw that A New World was the Sunday Concert. I know that Final Fantasy and orchestral music is not everyone's cup of tea, so to double down on those things for 2 concerts, while great for me, makes me feel bad for my fellow Otakon goers who aren't into either of those things. Hopefully something will be announced in the coming months which will be good news for those of you who weren't excited at the prospect of Final Fantasy music played by a live orchestra. Personally, I was hoping for something like Wagakki Band for one of the concerts.
  5. According to the Distant Worlds website, Uematsu will be in attendance. Can Otakon verify this? http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/concert/otakon/
  6. Krabstarr

    Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Thanks, as always, for the detailed response. It's always nice to hear the reasoning behind decisions made which affect me as a member.
  7. Krabstarr

    Cheaper Badges for 2018

    How many membership renewals were there last year? How many are projected to be renewals this year? Just trying to get a sense of how much Otakon stands to gain by not extending the renewal discount this year. Is that to help offset a potential decrease in income due to Saturday/Sunday and Sunday now being available at a reduced rate?
  8. Krabstarr

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Musical Guest: Wagakki Band Rocket News article about the band in 2014 for background: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/04/11/up-and-coming-band-combines-traditional-japanese-instruments-with-pop-metal-and-awesomeness/ A blend of modern rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums) with traditional Japanese instruments such as Taiko drums, Tsugaru-Shamisen (a larger then normal Shamisen), Shakuhachi (flute), and Koto (plucked stringed instument played flat). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagakki_Band Article from Billboard Japan of their recent activities 8/18/2017: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/international/7934089/wagakki-band-new-video-first-single-watch
  9. Unofficially, they had around 40,000 attendees, so yes. More than Otakon. Nevermind me, I can't find Awesomecon attendance figures for 2017. But they did have 40,000 ONE of their years, at least.
  10. Krabstarr

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    I came here to make this very same suggestion! Having them do even a mini (like 2 hr?) Critical Role session live would be amazing!