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  1. Good: I loved the photo suite! None of the ones I've encountered at other cons have included pose coaching--the photographers are normally very perfunctory about the whole thing, whereas in this case it really felt like the photographer was working with us to make sure we got the best possible photos. And although I might have expected that this would slow things down, it seemed to be a well-oiled machine with short wait times for almost the entire con, including much of Saturday, so props to them for that. Also, after a lousy experience with the dealer's room at Anime Boston this year (i.e.,
  2. I really appreciate that they sent the videos anyway and I'm fine with the lack of commentary, but since they knew they weren't going to be there, I wish they'd edited in basic title cards or subtitles with the song name and/or artist, or something like that. Some videos had their own title cards, of course, but for the rest of them I have absolutely zero idea how to find them again to inflict them on other people, which I would've liked to be able to do. I guess, since it sounds like a lot of the videos were repeats from previous years, they just expected everyone would already know, but it's
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