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  1. viga

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    Idols! Like someone mentioned Aquors or just a sub unit of Aquors would be great, but getting the next generation of Love Live, Nijigaski Idol Club in a US debut would be AMAZING! Studio Trigger. Yes I know you just did but, man, they're amazing. Manga artist Akiko Higashimura. Manga artist Arina Tanemura The idol group i☆Ris The idol group Run Girls, Run Otherwise I'd love to see more animators , idols, and artists from Japan.
  2. No one started a thread yet so I'll go ahead. I want to a lot of good ones! Trigger's Live Drawing QnA was great! Live drawings should happen more often. The tech set up so each screen had a different artist was perfect. Way more interesting than a general QnA. Love Live School Idol Panel by SuperSho was very informative. She knows a lot more about it since she can access materials we can't in the states and knows the Japanese side of the fandom first hand. It was like a "This year in Love Live" panel and would be good to have each year as the series continues. Evan Minto's In Defense of CG Anime taught me a lot about it that gave me a deeper appreciation and understanding of CG in anime. Him and Nate AM's Animation in Anime was amazing as well, and taught a lot about techniques and unique techniques animators created in anime. I'd like to see their panels again next year. Great choice to have them as featured presenters. Anime in Non Anime is always hilarious! There's always something new that makes me lose it laughing! Passionate Idol Activities: The Aikatsu Panel was fun. They had a lot of passion about the subject! It mostly focused on OG Aikatsu and I was hoping for a full look at the Aikatsu series, but I KNOW that would take so long. Genshiken and Beyond: The Works of Kio Shimoku introduced me to more from one of my favorite manga-ka. It was like a retrospective of their work, and a lot isn't known in the states, so it was news to a lot! It inspires me to do a similar panel for a favorite manga-ka of mine. Kiki's Delivery Service 30th with Hirokatsu Kihara was great. What a charismatic guest with great stories about Ghibli! So much rare art and motivational talking about art! Keep inviting them! I only got to see the Sunday AniBeat Concert Series, but this is an idea that should return. I see it as a way for young talented fans to perform, learn, and grow. I watched two young local idols perform and saw potential. Keep this experiment going for a few years. Twenty Years Ago: Anime in 1999 was just a nostalgia trip for me since that's the year I became a fan. I gotta re-watch some of those shows. I love this concept. Please accept it next year, I look forward to 2000. The Panels I gave were: Weirdest Japanese Commercials Pop 80's Japan The Idols of Anime
  3. viga

    Guest Request: 2015

    i*Ris - idol group Paku Romi - VA Hiroyuki Imaishi (Or anyone from Studio Trigger, but him the most.)