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  1. Idols! Like someone mentioned Aquors or just a sub unit of Aquors would be great, but getting the next generation of Love Live, Nijigaski Idol Club in a US debut would be AMAZING! Studio Trigger. Yes I know you just did but, man, they're amazing. Manga artist Akiko Higashimura. Manga artist Arina Tanemura The idol group i☆Ris The idol group Run Girls, Run Otherwise I'd love to see more animators , idols, and artists from Japan.
  2. No one started a thread yet so I'll go ahead. I want to a lot of good ones! Trigger's Live Drawing QnA was great! Live drawings should happen more often. The tech set up so each screen had a different artist was perfect. Way more interesting than a general QnA. Love Live School Idol Panel by SuperSho was very informative. She knows a lot more about it since she can access materials we can't in the states and knows the Japanese side of the fandom first hand. It was like a "This year in Love Live" panel and would be good to have each year as the series continues. Evan Minto's In D
  3. i*Ris - idol group Paku Romi - VA Hiroyuki Imaishi (Or anyone from Studio Trigger, but him the most.)
  4. This is coming fast and I am worrying! No reply on my panels and I don't know what purple hair to wear!
  5. On the definite list is myself and my boyfriend. 2 girls and 2 guys as well. One girl is maybe and one guy is probably not. They're all my best friends.
  6. +1 on Tokyo Zombie Is there a room devoted to JUST Japanese live action shows and movies. I think that would be a good idea. Good comedy shows or action shows or dramas and maybe a music video hour somewhere in the day. An episode or two of those crazy game shows would be funny! At night it can become the LIVE ACTION GORE CINEMA room. Plus most people don't seek out live action Japanese shows so this could be a good intro to them. When it comes to anime I request Genshiken season 2, Cowboy Bebop movie, Fushigi Yugi and a really old school programming hour. One night I wa
  7. I saw some of it and your presentation was A+! However the subject matter made me leave. I'm weaksauce.
  8. In no particular order: !. Going to Otakon with my boyfriend. He hasn't been since 02 so it was a homecoming! 2. Seeing Rym of Geeknights getting pwned kendo style 3.Meeting all my fave podcasters 4.Winning a prize for working hard to get to Otakon by being a maid. 5.The Otakon animation 6.Meeting friends, fans and online people I only see a few times or less a year. 7. I used the sonic screwdriver on a transformer 8. Jam Project!!!! 9. Sharing the place I love with my love for the first time.
  9. X-posted in feedback You know how Yuri the only one for me was in the AMV contest but it's really a flash with original music with fandom in it. Will you be allowing those type of entries now or was this a special case? Anime based original animation and music in the AMV contest. I think it's cool although unconventional for the medium. Wouldn't it go in fan parodies instead?
  10. You are awesome. I gotta link to this! Also, I wish I had a camera to capture Dr. Forrester.
  11. Yeah, I have it too. Although I call it PCS. Post con syndrome. I live the life of a NEET so going to a place with thousands of fellow fans and then going back to normal was kinda crappy. It's an otaku pilgrimage as some blog put it. Being able to talk to anyone and party with everyone was great. No one looks down on you because they are otaku too. It was a shiny reward for being a maid all summer. Well I gotta find some jobs to do. I got AUSA to save up for this time. luckily I have my odd jobs and podcast to keep me busy. If not I would be super PCD right now.
  12. I understand now. Thank you for answering so quickly too! Amazing being that it's dead dog Monday. (the Monday after Otakon were everyone is dead tired.) Thank to you too Aresef.
  13. Any word on this being online? It was amazing.
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