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  1. I wonder how much this will effect the prices of parking garages. They're not that cheap to begin with.
  2. I don't recall seeing a rule against having original animation. A couple of years ago I remember a couple of great videos by (Suberunk)sp? that had original animation. "Wizard of Osaka" and "Wedding Bells" both made it to the finals. They did have anime characters in them, but it looked like the backgrounds done with Flash. I would also like to see a category for original works, but you need to have enough to fill the category or it isn't much of a contest. So the video was put with the other AMVs in the category that it fit best. It's not like it has an unfair advantage, as it didn't w
  3. Was Scuma Guy your bus driver in disguise?
  4. I'm staying there next year, and I WANT a room on the stadium side as high up as possible. If there is a game Thursday night I might actually watch a game if I get a view of the field.
  5. Here, I put up to Photobucket. http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm28/Sh...kuAndTemari.jpg
  6. It usually hits me when I get in my car to drive home Sunday. I drive past the BCC on my way back to I-95 as if to make sure it's REALLY over. Sitting in traffic for a couple of hours doesn't help either, although it's fun to flash your con badge to cars full of other con goers. When I get home and unpacked I go through my pictures and make a slideshow out of them. I also do what some suggest here by watching anime and visiting the BBS often. In the end PCD is like an ice cream headache, it hurts now but it won't last for long.
  7. It makes sense everything would get damp if you have 9 people taking showers. XD
  8. I think they have a garage under the hotel, the hole they dug before building the hotel was pretty deep. I had a room in the Marriott with a view of the construction site when they started in 2006.
  9. http://s535.photobucket.com/albums/ee357/Neardawg_photos/
  10. I watched Voltron as a kid before I knew what anime was. "Mega Thrusters a go!"... To panel 3
  11. When I was in high school I had a friend who told me about Otakon. At the time I was a very casual anime fan, so the idea of going to a convention intimidated us. Years later it just popped back into my head, maybe playing Metal Gear Solid helped a little. So early 2005 I made plans to go to my first convention. By that time I wasn't talking to the friend who first told me about Otakon, so I was flying solo into uncharted territory. It was better than ten Superbowls! It was Otakon 2005 that introduced me to the AMV contest. I was so impressed by the creativity of the finalists that I
  12. It's such an easy dance, anybody can do it. That'll make it easy to get a big group together.
  13. I don't feel that there's less good videos as much as there is more bad videos. Nowadays anybody with Windows Movie Maker and an internet connection to download low quality video makes an AMV. The good editors are still around and using the technology available to improve the quality of the final product. Doki Doki is a great example, I loved There Is Life Outside Your Apartment from 2006.
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